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    There are several threads about poaching,but is all poaching the same?One fish over the limit the same as spottlighting a elk?What I am getting at the agfc gives points for violation or poaching are there different levels of poaching?I know alot of folks that turn a blind eye to a few fish or tree rats over the limit,but will race you to the hot line over deer or turkey.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poaching_(cooking)


  3. whiteoak

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    Those are good.Why are the threads on poaching or poachers on deer or turkey when all game violations are poaching.Due we as deer hunters look the other way and not make a big deal out of fish and small game violations?
  4. I don't know white oak those WO's seem to check those fishermen. I had a preacher who got ticketed for no orange, he just forgot.

    I think people just think of deer and turkey cause they have blinders on:rolleyes:
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    I know some think it is ok to take that extra squirrel or fish or even an extra deer if you can make it home with it. And it might not really be hurting anything but just stop and think about where hunting and fishing would be with out the rules. The rivers and lakes would be fished out and the woods would be hunted out and we would have alot more time to sit and talk about it on here.
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    I look at most hunting regs like regualtions for driving. Yes just the same we must have laws for both or it would cause total choas. But with most of them everyone is guilty of breaking them from time to time, but no one is considered a crimenal for speeding. Just like i don't consider every hunter who has broken a game reg as a poacher either.

    When i was growing up poaching was considered as night hunting/spotlighting, shooting out of season, taking of endangered spieces, and markethunting or shooting an animal for an item like the head and leaving the rest. Even today I still consider these as poaching activities and mostly like will report them. But eveything else in the reg book I view as breaking a game violation.

    I used the example of driving because both hunting and driving are priveledges and not rights. And both have laws that govern over minor offenses up to serious offenses and both can be taken away for serious offenses and repeat offenses of minor offenses.
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    I heard they set-up a deer decoy in Saline County and had to call in back-up so many folks stopped and shot at it they caused a traffic jam!:smack:
  8. CDay well said but I would like to add to it if I may.........

    Poaching is a word folks use loosely. Example.......have you ever heard someone that has had thier home broken into say the were robbed??

    They weren't robbed their home was Burglarized. The proper definition is Burglary!

    People call Trespassing ..poaching!

    Criminal Mischief is called vandalism.

    People don't read the criminal code. I think high school kids should have to take a class on law and discuss the criminal justice system and the law as it pertains to all aspects like liability, property responsibility......

    A whole year of the law for students and then we migh have folks that understand the system. Then even these idiots that threaten to burn your house down would have had some exposure to knowledge of Arson.
    Is it worth possibly the REST of your life in prison over someone turning you in for night hunting??

    A class Y felony for night hunting??
    And if you make the threat and are caught with your buddy buying Diesel fuel a good prosecutor could make the case of conspiracy to commit Arson!!

    Don't believe me???????

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    What about the person who can't afford to eat and poaches a deer for his family?
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    Go get food stamps!
  11. easy to say when your in your warm home with supper on the table.

    situations are different for different people. if your kids were hungry, you would do what ever it took to feed your family. and as we all know the governments wheels turn slow, would you wait a month for food stamps?. i have never had to kill game to feed my family, but i have known people who have.

    the bottom line: People are more important than animals.


    DODGEMAN Well-Known Member

    I think it comes down to intent, if you walk out the door intending to do wrong that should carry the stiffest penalty. Like going out to spotlight, or dynamite fish or something.

    But if you go out to do everything right and you miscount squirrels, or have a fish over the limit, I just don't view it as being the same.

    But that's my opinion.
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    I hope it never comes to that day but be this known I will provide for my family. Two I will not qualify for food stamps because I am white. I found this out the hard way when I had a 250K hospital bill back in the mid eighties when I lost my first daughter.:censored: