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    I was told by the local warden he busted one of the old outlaws in Wirthe Saturday for killing deer saturday without a youth. Good job Steve!! Last name of the guy is the same as what they found in Beebe this weekend!!:up:
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    Glad they caught one of them....

    duece16.....gotta hear the story behind the user name?
  6. glad to see that one got caught. :clap:
  7. smokin joe

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    Was his first name Jim ?
  8. Red Oak

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    No it wasn't, but i will go and say it was a guy by the name of Bird.
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    Free Bird :fit:

    Now Caught Bird.
  10. smokin joe

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    Ol Steve got one shootin of the porch in his underwear the other day is what I heard. Fella by the name of Jim. Been poachn for years. I have found where he would cut out the back straps and leave the rest for the yotes and buzzards
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    nope but mine is:up:
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    if it was brid hope it was David if they only new how mean he waste every year shooting from the road with a bow:whistle::whistle:
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    Jim Bird who works at Lomanco by chance?
  18. Red Oak

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    David and there is no telling how many he has taken in the years and never been caught. Maybe he will be made into an example.
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    Glad ole steve caught him.:thumb: Maybe thats the same sorry piece of :censored: thats been shooting from the road up around my place there at wirth. I just wish that they would make an example out of him!
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    he lives on the corner hy 63 @fire tower road him @his wife both draw a ss check @all of his brothers @1 sister does to @there is not any thing wrong with any of them other than lazenst:mad::mad::mad::mad: