Plastic 50 gallon drums?

Discussion in 'Survival Skills and Techniques' started by barata50, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. barata50

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    Hello all I'm looking to get 1-3 50 gallon drums to put water in maybe plant some potatoes in one any ideas where to get some
  2. dkhern

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    here i can get at feed store or garbage collection

  3. neotoxo

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    I presume from your location of WHITE that your in White County...

    The Cabot Farmer's Assoc. off Hwy 367 just North of the Hwy 5 Exit usually has plastic and steel barrels...
    Most are Food Grade and the prices seem reasonable...

    I've bought several to use as a rain catch, garden soil storage and composting bin.
    Next ones I buy I'd like to create a rain water storage with activated charcoal filtering system.
  4. elias

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    google is your friend. Ditto Craigslist and Ebay.