Planting honeysuckle?

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    I plan to sprig and fertilize honey suckle inside approx. 10 foot diameter hogwire rings (to prevent over-grazing). My question is, should these be in full sun, partial sun, full shade, etc.? Any comments would be appreciated.
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    Full sun and plenty of water. :thumb:

  3. Yup, I'm goin with honeysuckle & privets, too.
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    My preference for a honeysuckle plot is to take fence wire 6' or 4' tall fold in half to 90 angle. Tiller a bed, plant and fertilize. Place wire over it. Stake it down. Wire the ends. Preferred wire will keep rabbits out. Make the run as long as you want. 6' takes about 2 years to establish.
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    I asked the question because it seems honey suckle seems to grow best on edges. I will not be able to water, so full sun may be too much for it. I believe I will put it close to an edge where it gets some relief from the afternoon/evening sun.