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  1. You can't get any better than that. Did you leave them up for late season and if so how did the deer like?
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    Yes - I just bush hogged them two months ago. Problem was, beans didn't fill out like normal. Half of them ended up being a flat disk. But, there were deer in there until I bush hogged in February - but not like years past. Usually, late December and January you cant run them out - actually more deer use them in those months than in September - usually. I was expecting a bumper crop of full beans based on the August rainfall we got - but didn't happen.
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    I planted an acre of regular soybeans back in May. I fenced off the whole area with caution tape. I know the deer can get around that, but it was just for a deterrent. It kept the majority of the deer out and they started to grow well. Now, the weeds are growing up and the beans are only about ankle high. Should I leave them for the deer to eat what's left or start over for a different fall foodplot there?
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    I have two different bean plots on two pieces of ground, seven miles apart. One is doing great and the other has been eaten almost to the ground. I am going to leave the one that has been eaten to the ground for now, and then plant wheat in it this fall. The other, nice plot, I will leave as is for the deer to browse the bean pods this winter. Not sure you could plant anything at this time that would grow and would benefit the deer.

    Also, I think the weeds bother us more than they do the deer. I find deer actually seek out weedy spots in my food plots to feed. More cover, I guess.

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    I guess I'll leave it then and if there's nothing left by September, I'll plant it to wheat and clover. I am planning on planting brassicas next to it, so there will be some food around.
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    That's what I would do.