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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Made, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Made

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    Can someone describe a pinch point to the hunting illiterate please :)
  2. OuachitaMtnMan

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    Itd b a funnel with geographic features on both sides of it like water, a cliff, large rock formation or even an open field etc that r either impossible or less desirable for deer to travel thru/on therefore pinching the deer into that travel corridor. In ur neck of the woods, I envision large fields lined by woods. Look at aetial photos and c where those woodlines narrow and there u would have what I would consider a pinch point.

  3. Afalex1

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    Say you have a 1000 yard long section of woods that connects two food plots. For the most part the woods are 100 yards wide, but one area shrinks to just 25 yards wide of cover. This narrow area of woods is considered a funnel or pinch point.

    Another funnel could a power line cut. Some deer will travel them because it is easier to walk than thick cover.

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  4. ibemrdux

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    I think of it as a spot where the lay of the land narrows an animals travel possibilities! Think of it literally as a funnel! The terrain will come together in a single spot that deer will tend to travel by! It can be a place where woods narrow down by a field edge, water oriented, or even terrain such as ridges and draws! Hope that starts to explain it!
  5. Made

    Made Well-Known Member

    Indeed, i was thinking i had found one. Hunting with a buddy there is a field west and east of my location. Not huge fields but open none the less, found a spot about 60 yards wide between two large wooded areas on the north and south between the fields. Lots of small cedars and pines right here, but open enough i have 13-25 yard lanes. Wondering why buddy didnt have his stand here instead.
  6. ibemrdux

    ibemrdux Well-Known Member

    Be mindful of where the deer should come from and the wind!
  7. Something they talk about on TV and magazines because the only place they hunt is about 6 counties in the midwest.
  8. 1/4ing away

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    Here is one if the pic will load. Lake on one side, field on other

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  9. Rusty Crawford

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    Also Known as a bottle neck
  10. clayroberts

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    i hunt right under this pinch point lol if u come off the river right there theres like a triangle shapped section of woods there thats considered trusten holder
  11. tyhunter23

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    I have a spot were i hunt that has two diffrent growths on the trees. one is two or three years old the other is about ten. Seems to be a travel area they use a more times than not.
  12. 1/4ing away

    1/4ing away Well-Known Member

    Shhhhhh! I didn't realize I had "Pendleton" in the screen capture. I don't hunt there much anymore, but yes it's Trusten Holder and not a bad place!