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  1. usertw24

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    I was thinking about inviting in a good pillow. I came across a pillow made with buckwheat. Anyone here ever used one or have one. Im looking for opinions about it.
  2. fullcredit

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    Never heard it put that way. I guess you're talking about a pillow to lay your head on.I posted a thread a while back about pillows, and have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a good pillow. I really believe that I would sleep much better at night if I could find the right pillow. It is really aggravating and I just can't find the right one.
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  3. Saltydog

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    Buckwheat pillows were popular back in the 80's.
    TV ads all over the place for the "new" miracle pillow............ turned out the Japanese have been using buckwheat in their pillows since the samurai days.
    Had a friend that bought some... he liked them.
  4. John Stiles

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    The dog bone pillow is perfect for me, it supports my head while lying on my back; so that the back of my head barely touches the mattress, the ends of the dog bone also cradle my head. the center of the bone keeps my spine straight with my head and body. Not too high, not too low! I have less headaches. It is machine washable because of it's smaller size. I have 3 of them now, I use one on the couch, and another in my recliner! They are easy to make, my wife made mine.[​IMG]
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    Belk carries some made by Carpenter that I find really comfortable.
  6. curdog1

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    My pillow seems to be made from scrap 2x4's
  7. fullcredit

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    Dang it! I just came from Walmart and knew there was something besides birdseed I needed to pick up! Swore I would at least look and see what they have.
  8. JR1

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    We switched to some really heavy/dense pillows a few years back and it changed how I sleep.

    Bed Bath and Beyond has a great selection but get one that is firm for support.