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  1. olddawg

    olddawg Well-Known Member

    I need some live pigeons to introduce the new pup to some live birds while training.

    I just need a few, I do not want to have to purchase a pigeon trap for just a few.

    Any ideas? anyone have a supply that they would be willing to sell a few?
  2. Hobbshunter

    Hobbshunter Well-Known Member

    If you know where some roost in an old barn or building, you can catch them at night.
    We used to buy them too, but I dont remember where. Be careful if you have one get loose by your house. They'll just hang out, and crap all over the place.

  3. arkansasbowhunter

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    don't know where you are from but pet store here in white hall has pigeons. don't know how much for em.