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Went hunting with buddies alot. Ended up doing really good. Shot lots of teal and gadwalls and a few woodies. Had one hunt where we only got one gadwall. We only got 9 on one hunt, but it was from Central Arkansas.

We hunted a public spot in Eastern Arkansas 3 or 4 times and ended up getting 25, 26, and, 8.

Man, I had a blast. Best duck hunting I've had in 3 or 4 years.'s the pics...


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Glad to see ya'll had a good week. I was on vacation all week and hunted hard...only got 9 ducks all week!! It was pretty sad....then again my shooting didn't exactly help my numbers!!!

Gotta go back on-duty tomorrow night for a few days then back on vacation again....maybe the weather will help me a bit by then...

Guess I'll hunt a couple of hours in the a.m. then come home and get some ZZZZ's.

Hope you work 'em over some more befroe the season wraps up.
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