Photo Contest Winner 2008

Discussion in 'Photo Contest' started by Sylamore, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Sylamore

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    Here are the winners of the 2008 photo contest. There is one winner in each of the five categories.

    Category #1, post #4 by ptysonjr

    Category #2, post #6 by Rob

    Category #3, post #4 by bhays

    Category #4, post #5 by crackshot82

    Category #5, post #7 by ArkansasBandit

    Congratulations to the Winners!
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  2. bett_lou

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    Congrats y'all! We had some great pics this year. It was real hard to decide winners.

  3. Sylamore

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    Photo winners please post your winning photo in this thread. :thumb:
  4. ptysonjr

    ptysonjr Member<br>2008 Photo Contest Winner

    Categorie 1 Post #4 Picture

    My boy sure was proud when I told him his entry won this. Thank you to all the guys that sent inspiring comments to him.

  5. crackshot82

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    Thanks for all ya'lls votes!!!!

  6. bhays

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    Category #3: A Pretty Pair
    Thanks for the votes too guys and gals!!!
  7. ArkansasBandit

    ArkansasBandit Member<br>2008 Photo Contest Winner

    Thanks for the votes!!

    Category #5: Known as Mongo!

    Here's the pic guys. Thanks for the votes. Maybe next year we'll have a pic of him on the ground!!:clap::up:.