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  1. ishootducks

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    Any one have any recommendations for a Pheasant outfitter in South Dakota or anywhere for that matter. Trying to get a group hunt together for next year and looking for a good place to go. Thanks
  2. Earnhardt fan #1

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    South Dakota opens the third weekend of October but don't try to get a hotel/motel that weekend wait a couple weeks and then try. Its like deer season is around here everyone comes in whole families are in from all over the country.

  3. Ike Brown

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    Try south west North dakota, the hunting is just as good if not better and it is less expensive and crowded.

    I lived in the Black Hills for 8 years.

    I will try to find some contact info if you are interested?

    Hunting pics:
  4. claydouglas76

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    I would recommend ringneck retreat out of hitchcock SD. Last year a friend and I were asked to go to do a hunting show for the Outdoor channel. Free is for me! :biggrin: The lodge is brand new and the owner is great. If you havent hunted in this area before you are in for a huge suprise! Birds everywhere! If you give Darrick a call about staying there ask him to send you a copy of the DVD that was done for him.

    I live on the Iowa South Dakota border right now and am actually moving to Benton next week. From what I hear if I want to chase pheasants it is going to have to be done on a preserve.

    Here is they're website.
    I am actually in a few of the pictures on the website too. :rolleyes:

    Hope this helps.
  5. ishootducks

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    Thanks for the help guys, ya clay its gonna be hard to find some phesants down here but if you ever get in on a good duck hunt you'll be just as hooked.
  6. SlickHead

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    The best bird hunting spot i have ever found is in Regent, ND. It is $150 a day. You will limit out by lunch everyday then get to go enjoy the Badlands in the afternoon if you like. The guy who runs it is a farmer and has about 10k acres. He leave about 3-5k acres of kanola, sunflowers and corn standing just for birds. The only thing you take is a weapon, cloths, dogs and food for lunch and dinner. He wakes you, cooks you breakfast and drives you around and tells you how you need to hunt certain spots. He has a place to sleep for 8 guys or gals and sat tv. There is another large outfitter there. Cannonball Outfitters. Ever year the last day of season the guy we go to lets Cannonball Outfitters hunt his lands. Last year 52 guys limited out in 1 hour. Can't beat that.
  7. thomasw_lrd

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    I read about Cannonball Outfitters in this month's Feild and Stream. Really seemed like a nice place.
  8. Earnhardt fan #1

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    In SD if you wait a few weeks or a month after opening weekend you will find a lot of farmers will let you hunt certain fields by just asking
  9. dwaters

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    Scattergun hunting lodge in Pieere, South Dakota. Expensive but worth the money. They have a web site. Food, guns, shells, guides with dogs, 5 star accomodations are all included in price. Great hunting! Give them a call.