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  1. rusty

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    Why don't we as a group start a petition to have openning week and closing week closed to out of state hunters. It can't hurt or maybe something just on WMA's so as you dont hurt the guides??? just a thought. it can't hurt:thumb:
  2. tex

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    Love the idea, but the $$ lost will probably preclude that. I think the same thing as I drive in to my spot and see out of state plates clogging up the road. May be nice guys, but I've seen them motor through decoys at times too.

  3. drakemaster

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    It will never happen. Arkansas business benefit from over $2,000,000 a day in statewide revenue during duck season. I would like to see a shorter season with longer splits or more shorter splits. 30 to 45 days max. Who gets to hunt 60 days anyway. Guides and retirees?
  4. JR

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    I agree with both of you, but I just don't see it happening too much $$ at stake.
  5. swampimp

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    Good I had, in a round about way mentioned in an earlier thread. Another thing I brought up was charge OOS'rs an equal ammount per day that they would have to pay a guide to hunt on public ground.

    OR.......figure out a mean average as to what we, as taxpayers spend per year through the 1/8 cent sportsmans tax and charge them that ammount for a years permit.

    There are alot of ways it could be done....IF.....they wanted to.

    I'm curious to see what is going to happen when the USFWS recommends a moderate season (45 days)

    We've been lucky to have had lideral seaons for what now? 11 or 12 seasons. Nothing lasts for ever and it's coming back around. One saving grace is they won't go from a liberal season to a restricted season without going through a moderate season first.:thumb:
  6. 4hunting

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    Those are the key words right there!!!!!!:rolleyes: :mad:
  7. Manybeards

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    It will never happen!!! The best thing game and fish can do is to make sure ALL the WMA's in Arkansas have water throughout the season. This will spread the love as well hold a lot more ducks in AR.
  8. RKS3

    RKS3 Well-Known Member

    Have them remove hunter success / useage from the Waterfowl Report while your at it. All that report should have is water amount. Them everyone go scout it for themselves, and hell they can get weather reports from Noaa or

    Pimp wants to start a guide service. $600 a person a day meals not included.:biggrin:
  9. swampimp

    swampimp Well-Known Member

    Ah hell......make it an even Grand.:thumb:
  10. rusty

    rusty Well-Known Member

    I am going to try to make it to a meeting I have talked to mike Freeze several times and he was able to get some things put on the agenda for me and which they did end up passing but they were small; and i dont think he is on the commision any more but he may have some condtacts. I am going to give it a whirl. can't hurt
  11. sunny b

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    i hunt almost every day, i even think the need to be shorter. i am worn out right now and the ducks are worse worn out than me, you can tell it more and more by the day and the season has only been back in 6 days. on the other subject the OOSER's have bothered us nearly as bad this year as in years past after the first couple of weeks got by.
  12. TimberTalker

    TimberTalker Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of fri sat and sunday for residents only on wma's. The guides may like this idea as well.
  13. Lotta good points made here, but it's :rip: to anything resembling that. Tooooo many $$ coming in from it. Personally, I liked duck hunting much better back in the 60's & early 70's before the OOSer's started coming here so much.......and before "pay to play" hunting.

    Hmmmmph, I knew I shouldn'ta got on this one. I get tooooo :mad: :verymad: when I get to thinkin about all them rich OOSer's buyin or leasin up all the prime huntin & tellin us "po folks"..."Ya'll go out there & bunch up out in the public land", then when the river bottoms flood,, who's leaving that "prime rich folks":censored: land & runnin wild out in the flooded public timber???:soapbox:
  14. I like the idea of limiting the number of OOSer's period.

    Next best thing would be NO guiding on State or Federal land. Maybe that'd keep some of the OOSer's on their prime purchases.
  15. d2

    d2 Well-Known Member

    Whats wrong with guides and retiree's getting to hunt everyday??? You mad just because you can't???d2
  16. BeanCounter

    BeanCounter Well-Known Member

    Why don't we do what our neighors up north do? They limit the amount of NR hunters.

    South Dakota and N Dakota limit Non resident waterfowl hunters

    Colorado charges $450 for an elk tag

    Iowa limits NR deer hunters to a certain number

    Illinois limits all NR big game hunters and makes lots of regulations for the other game.

    Kansas has very little waterfowl areas and charges $$$ to deer hunt.

    Missouri, the shining star of them all, as lots of rules and regulations where only college boys and foolish diehards would stand in line for 4 hours for the chance to draw a blind on a public area.
  17. 4hunting

    4hunting Well-Known Member

    There are several ways something could be done about the OOS'er's on the WMA's, but several would require additional effort & work on the G&F and maybe a little conflict & confentation, something they run from like the plauge. But one thing that can be done that would be so simple & would require no extra effort, in fact it would make the Enforement of it easier would be simply this:

    On the days Monday thru Thrusday everyone can hunt the state owned WMA's. OSS hunters would still be requried to buy a special permit as it is now, but good only for those days. The only change would be it would be for 4 days insteed of 5. I personally would like to see the permit fee increased from the mear $10 to maybe a $100, but one thing at a time. For most of these people I have conversed with it really does not matter about the cost so some other type of method must be set forth to regulate the issue.

    Now on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, only residents of Arkansas may use the WMA's. Anyone not a valid resident of Arkansas by the legal terms must not be present on the area for any reason hunting related.

    Very simple to enforce. GW comes onto area during the 3 weekend days. Checks are made. You not from Arkie land, you get ask for you autograph. No gray area's.

    This would cut down alittle on the over-crowding when it is at it's worst. When the weekend comes and the working man and his/her kids are out of school & are able to hunt, at least there is not up-teen jellion OOS hunters there also to compete with all the additional people who have to come if they want to because it is the only time they have to do so. During the weekdays, most people have jobs & kids must be in school therefore the OOS hunters have it pretty much to theirself with the exception of the few who can hunt.

    The G&F claims to be a big advocate of youth & getting the youth involved into the outdoor activities. This would be a good way for them to promote that if they really mean what that preach. As it is now alot of young people are deverting their attition away from the outdoors & towards other things because of the crap that takes place on the only area's they have to hunt. It is becoming where it is no longer fun for a dad & his kid to go hunting because of the circus that takes place. At least make it where these people can go & maybe have an enjoyable time without some of the out of state influnce present on those days.

    This would not be a ban. It would only be restrictions set forth just like other state have in place for us when we travel to those area's. If they can do it legally then what is the hold up for us?

    That's my 2ct's for what it is worth!
  18. rusty

    rusty Well-Known Member

    I think we are all in agreeeance that something has to be done. be it large or small we need to start some where.