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Bubba was fishing in a river up north and was walking back from the river to the truck with an Ice chest full of fish when the game warden came up to him.

The game Warden asked Bubba if He had a license to fish and Bubba said, No. But, Bubba continued, I don't see as how I really need one because these here are pet fish.

What do you mean, pet fish?, the GW asked.

Bubba said, I keep these fish at the house and every day I bring them down here to swim for a little while. I turn them loose and after a little while I call them back and we go home.

The GW said, I may have to see you prove that to me to prove you didn;t catch them illegaly. SO Bubba went with the GW down to the river and poured the fish back into the river.

After a few minutes, the GW asked Bubba if he was gonna call the fish back so he could go home.

Bubba said, What Fish?
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