Person's actions speak louder than his words!!!!

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by 4hunting, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Saw something yesterday that I just think is very Ironic, 5 truck loads of G&F personal, several of them Biologist I know and some were area managers of several WMA's, all taking vacation & leaving out for a weeks worth of bowhunting and where was there place of choice??????

    White River National Wildlife Refuge!!!!!!

    Just found this kinda amusing so joking with them I ask them why go there when you all know these other places inside & out and to officially hear it told, their is a surplus of deer on the area's, and many trophy deer to boot! They all just kinda HeeHawwed around, didn't say much, but in little bit they did say it seems they must think the cooking & menu that is being provided by the Big Owner's of the places they run is not good enough to suit their personal taste, when it is them eating for themselfs off the clock, the other guy's place has alot better bang for the buck!!!!
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    So their choice to hunt area has no antler restrictions. Now that is funny for sure.
    I can understand them going to enjoy the company and have a good time.

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    Guys before everyone jumps in bashing these guys, you need to understand and spend some time with several of them in open two way conservations. I have spend alot of time talking with some of AGFC personnel and some biologist and most do not agree with the antler restrictions. But like so many of us there is things that we do not agree with at our place of employment but we to sometimes have to be loyal to our jobs even with we disagree with what is going on. Also most of these antler restrictions and such are not presented and pushed by alot of these AGFC guys but more from special interest groups and the 7 commissioners decide.
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    Exactly!!!!! Mr, Day, glad someone understood the meaning of what the tread was intended to mean!!!!!