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    I killed my best buck ever on Saturday, November 24th. He’s no monster, but he made me proud to have him. I have no idea what he's going to score, but his inside spread is just a hair under 18 inches. I thought the day was going to turn out miserably and then less than 15 minutes later I had this guy on the ground. We only get 1 buck a piece on this property. I took vacation for the entire week and in less than 15 minutes I had a buck on the ground and 8 more days to twiddle my thumbs and shoot doe.

    With it getting legal shooting light around 6:20 AM I've been trying to get on the stand no later than 6:00 AM each day. This particular morning my buddy's dad was coming along to hunt. He was down from up North and has never killed a deer in his life. We never did get him on a deer, but that is another story for another day.

    I get to our meeting place around 5:30am. As I'm pulling up I realize I've forgotten my granola bars for breakfast and my lunch sack. Great, I’m already starting out on the wrong foot. I’m going to starve today.

    As usual my dad has beaten me there by about 30 minutes. I'm not sure why he always shows up that early just to sit in his truck, but he does. Something about being responsible and, "if you're 15 minutes early, you're late." Anyways, time keeps ticking by and I call my buddy around 5:45 and he's still at his house. That stinks, but at least he can raid his pantry and bring me a granola bar for breakfast!

    My buddy and his dad finally show up. All 4 of us pile on the Ranger along with all of our gear. At 23 degrees out it is the coldest morning of the year. The mud holes have ice in them. The Ranger's windshield is also iced over. Since I'm the unofficial Ranger chauffer that means I get to hang my head out the side like I'm Ace Ventura. I drop my dad off, drop my buddy and his dad off, and then go park the Ranger about 400 yards from where I planned to hunt for the morning.

    I walk to the stand, get settled in, and then look at my watch. It is 6:47 AM. Seriously?! It is already past sunrise. This day just keeps getting better! I decide I've probably spooked anything off walking in so I figure I'll just take a nap.

    Just as I get comfortable I hear movement to my left. I open my eyes and look over and there's a buck at about 30 yards! I throw up my scope and he's a good buck. Upon further inspection he has split G2's. I think to myself, "That's pretty cool. I've never seen a buck with split G2's outside of The Outdoor Channel." I watch him lick a branch and then get ready to walk back into the woods. He doesn't, though. He turns and starts walking the wood line of the mini 1 acre field I'm in.

    He stops at 8 yards right in front of me and proceeds to make a scrape on the ground. Although he'd be my best buck by far I still can't decide if he's a shooter or not. He’s got a nice rack on him, but he doesn’t have a big body. I get out my phone and text my buddy, "I got a 3.5 year old 10 pt out here." (He ended up only being a 9 point and having one split G2) As I'm still trying to decide if he’s a shooter he starts to walk into the woods, but yet again decides not to and proceeds to walk the wood line.

    He stops about 15 yards later and makes another scrape on the ground. He gets half of his body in the woods to leave and yet again changes his mind and proceeds to walk the wood line and then out into the middle of my little 1 acre field. As he's walking into the open my buddy finally responds, "Is he a shooter?" At that point in time I suddenly realize I may not see another shooter all year, this would be my best buck ever, and…… he's getting away! I put the crosshairs of my grandpa's 1960's era Marlin 30x30 lever action on him and let it bark. BAM! He drops in his tracks and I now have a taxidermy bill. All before 7:00 AM.
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    Nice buck, no doubt about it, he's a shooter!

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    great story! thanks for sharing! Congratulations!
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    Great story and buck!!!!!!!! Congrats
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    Nice buck and story!
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    Great buck. Congrats on the kill
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    That's a goodern!
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    Thats a great buck. Congrats
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    Good call,many times I've let a decent buck walk only to regret it a month later.Congrats
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    My motto has always been if you would shoot him on the last day dont pass him on the first day. I wouldnt have passed him any day. Great buck!
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    Thats a nice buck. I'd be dang proud too.

    Miketyson26 :flag:
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