People need to get a life.

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by scarhead26, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Was just cruising the forums, in "Trail Cams and Photography" forum and the topic "Timing is Everything". Selfbow posts a pic and story for "US" and some forum members start bashing him for not having orange on. Whats it matter to you people? He isn't asking your opinion. You people really gotta get a life and stop trying to be the forum police. GROW UP. Find something that matters to whine about. :shrug:

    How about you people take a look at some real issues. Like our Government raping us. No not forcefully, more like with a date rape drug. So much bad media news. We have so much to worry about today that the majority do not pay attention to what our leaders have done to us. The dollar isn't worth anything anymore. No other countries want our "paper money". No other Countries are borrowing BILLIONS from China and spending it on our Natural Disasters like we have Haiti and Chilli and other countries too. I'm all for helping others but only if my own are taken care of first.:mad:

    There are real issues to worry about with our countries future, our childrens future and our Earths future. And instead we are worried about a fellow hunter and arkansas neighbor not wearing his orange. :smack:
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    Well said. I really like this forum and dont say alot for the most part. I get tired of seeing all the bashing and fussing on here. I know some will say if you dont like it then dont read it, but thats really not the point. I think hunters should be the most united people in America especially right now. I guarentee that all the people that are against us are. Some of the perfect people that post on here will never get it though. :shrug:
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    Scarhead would you quit bashing folks for bashing folks?:fit:

    Opinons are just like elbows and well you get the point.
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    Orange you got to wear orange :head: I jus go ahead an pay my fine then wear Tennesse colors out in the woods. What wrong with these guys bashing about orange. Why do we need it is there that many stupied people out there that can't tell the differnts between a human an a animal. If you can't then you shouldn't be hunting. You shouldn't even own a gun how shame to bash someone not wearing orange it's only a 225.00 fine I think.
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    Buncha Basherly Bashing Bashy Bash Bashers! :cool: :whistle:​
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    Hunters are the only ones that have to wear orange

    I deal with this every year up at Sylamore WMA mountain bikers can wear a monkey suit even dress up like a deer if they want too :banghead: but they do not have to wear orange frankly because they are not hunting
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    Doesnt make sense does it.
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    Are you sure it was bashing? Maybe it was good natured ribbing. How can you tell which one? Got a link to this thread?:head:
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    I think most of these people just need to respect others. Ribbing and joking is one thing but no one should be disrespectful to another person.
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    There is gettin to be alot of sanctamonious bs on here. Kinda like all this "honor you kill" crap, its not a god is bloomin deer. I think some of them have been watching "the last of the mohicans" and "the last samurai" too much........
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    Exactly :clap:! :fit:
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    Aw........kiss my crappie....or bass....or walleye....I see how it all started Mr Dance!:fit::fit::fit::razz:
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    My Mr (born and raised in Tennessee) swears they were smart for picking orange, you can leave work and go straight to the woods and ya already got your orange on! We were out there for Christmas, got lots of new UT apparel.

    I get nervous even thinking about going into the woods without orange on - I even carry one of those cheapo little Walmart vests in my Geocaching bag in case I end up in the woods. Folds up tiny and doesn't take up much room in my gear bag.
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    GGGGGGGGGGGS bell, how do you expect to grow government without a buncha new rules?:fit::fit::fit::fit::fit:
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    I get nervous wearing orange in the woods.....I rather not be seen. I'll take my chances.....never can tell these days when you've been picked for termination!:razz: