Pecan tree needs felled

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    Sounds like a good thing to do, but I have no tractor available.

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    G, I don't know.........might be as bad as watching the Hindenburg!! Ha Ha!!

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    I appreciate all that how-to John. I bet that would work fine. My complications are something I have not discussed. There is a thickly wooded steep slope to the side where the vehicle would be. I would need something like 150' of proper line. Maybe a professional tree cutter would have that. I will show him your good idea on how to do it.

    There also is a heavily wooded steep creek bed directly behind the tree and building......about 15 to 20 foot away. My entire lot is on the side of a hill, with varying degrees of steepness. The tree can only be felled in one particular area, and it would have to be pretty precise if it is not to damage things around it. That direction has a concrete pad there I put in some time back. I hope it will not damage the concrete pad when felled. I would put some lumber across it when/if I do this to try and mitigate any damage.

    I can't fell it to the other quadrant due to the large high deck on my house. I sure painted myself into a corner when I put the building in 20 years ago. I had only just moved into the house though. With hindsight, I would had cut the tree down first.......but I did not know what a pain in the butt pecan trees in the yard can be. It's tendency to drop large limbs has already cost me $750 in vehicle damage.

    Thanks much for your help!!
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