Paul Petrino has been hired asd head coach at Idaho

Discussion in 'Sports' started by TMHC, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. QuarterBore

    QuarterBore Well-Known Member

    I can't imagine the Idaho fans as being overly pleased by this based on Arkansas' season, but hopefully it works out well for him and his new team.

  2. TMHC

    TMHC Well-Known Member

    Even though Arkansas had such an underwhelming season, Petrino's offense still managed to average 301.5 passing yards per game -- the 22nd best total in the nation. Idaho went 1-11 and finished 123rd in the country in scoring offense. They might even be happy with John L.
  3. F B

    F B Administrator Staff Member

    I hope he does well and wish him the best.
  4. Hog_54

    Hog_54 Well-Known Member

    Wonder if he hire's Bobby?????
  5. mikebri

    mikebri Well-Known Member

    Wish him luck
  6. thompson

    thompson Well-Known Member

    I hope him well also but I'm ready for the program to get a totally fresh start. It will take some time.
  7. Juice

    Juice Well-Known Member

    Maybe in Idaho they don't care if a coach calls 9 straight pass plays using 45 seconds of game clock instead of running the ball and burning minutes. Boy those Idahoians sure are laid back. I hear UL Monroe has petitioned to get on their schedule.