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  1. Just got a pup he was 41/2 months old really nice pup!!!!! Warning to all if you buy a pup from someone besure to ask about VAC!!!! What kind of VAC and know what was in it. For you that have never had a parvo pup THANK GOD. It is worst thing I have ever seen. Have'nt had a parvo case in a long time. Talked to my vet about this dog and these is what I got. If the pup has been exposed to the strain and the proper vac were given shorty after the pravo strain has been entroduced the dog "could " become with held from signs for sometime and then BAMM they have pravo. Let me tell even down to giving him a IV and alot of money even after we caught it as he started to show signs even after are own Vac. were given weeks ago before he got sick beware this is a very bad very very bad Stuff !!!!! Never take for granted want has been done to your pup before you get it home start from scratch that is the best thing I have learned from this dog. Had him for one month and HIS NAME WAS JACKSON A WALKER HOUND A DAMM GOOD ONE AND HE DIED JAN. 9 2011 6:10am !!!!!!!!!:frown:
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    Sorry for your loss. Parvo can be a bad thing even when they have been vaccinated. had some pup's one time that were vaccinated twice and still contracted parvo.

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    Sorry to hear that.
    It is very rough stuff, had a few come down with it, yes even after the vac. A pair I remember most little walker female and male. The little female was mine, most beautiful/smart pup ever, and the male pup was my farther-in-laws. I had her inside and did everything I could do for her. Father-in-law, left his outside in the shed, and didn't do anything. Mine died and his lived. I am certain I would be hunting walkers today if she had lived!!
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    Sorry to hear about you losing a pup. If I may make a suggestion. Make sure and bleach everything the pup was around even the ground in the pen you had it in. At least in my experience, parvo can hold in the ground for a while. If you get another pup make sure you have bleached everything where it could come in contact with the strain of parvo that killed your other pup.
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    X 2 on the bleach!!
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    i used to have hunting dogs, and had several get parvo. one thing i did was force gatorade and pedialite in them with a syringe. they hate it but ive had several mak it through...without a vet.
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    Yes parvo is a bad thing! We lost my son's 8mth old redbone a year and a half ago to parvo. She had her vacanations also.It was sad watching her go thru it but I think it was worse watching my11 yr old b/c he loved his "Brandee" so much. As what was said above bleach every thing really well including the yard. If I remember correctly the vet told me that parvo can live up to 7yrs in the ground.
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    As a vet I get the unfortunate job of treating this often. You've gotten some good advice - bleach anything non-porous. Bleaching the ground or wood however won't kill all the virus. AND the virus will stick around in your ground for years to come, so any dog that comes onto your place needs to have had its proper vaccines before arriving, and maintained once there.

    Adult dogs aren't outta the woods either. As a teen my own dog died of Parvo at the age of 7. It was one of my motivations to become a vet. Older dogs are susceptible to Distemper as well, which is combined with the Parvo vaccine usually. Distemper is making a definite comeback, and becoming more prevalent.

    I'm sorry for your loss. Some dogs will get kidney failure when contracting the disease, and it seems that no matter how well they are treated, they won't make it. Others will make it with far less.

    If you have a dog that is off food one day, and the next day seems to be lethargic and not improving (vomiting/diarrhea or not) - and the vaccine history is in question, then the number 1 rule out is Parvo.
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    I got a puppy he was a year old. in the middle of september and he got parvo the vet told me it was up to the dog to make it and he would get better or worse on his own and sent him home. I called a friend of mine a retired vet from a indian reservation and he told me to give him pedalite every hour with a syringe and a raw egg 2 times a day with a syringe .and pepto 3 times a day and after the 2 day I went to the feed store and bought some amoxicillan pills and disolved them in water and shot it down his throat with water. he made it. sorry for your loss i know the feeling
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    My dad lost 6 this year to Parvo got the whole pen of them. All walker deer dogs. I also got 2 chocolate labs early this year and the day I took posession of them they both acted funny and luckily I have a friend that works at the state vet office and she ran fecal swabs and confirmed my suspicion. So they both got sent to the vet for a week and both survived with little effort. I believe this is because of the quick recognition. There are certain breeds more suseptable as well. Sorry to hear that. I know how it feels. I raised 3 of the 6 that died from 6 weeks to 6 months.
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    I think thats the whole key catch it early and keep them hydrated
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    I almost lost a great dog in the fall to parvo. It was a close call. I lost a younger Jack Russell pup and come close to losing my Jagdterrier/Jack Russell pup. Best go to the ground dog I've ever owned and now my good friend.

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