+P in Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm

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  1. AF2007

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    Manual says that this is too much bang for the gun. What do you guys think? Is it just unsafe or will it cause wear in the gun?
  2. AF2007

    AF2007 Well-Known Member

    Correction: +P is not recommended, +P+ is a no no. Here's the text:

    “Plus-P” (+P) ammunition generates pressures in excess of the
    pressures associated with standard ammunition. Such pressures
    may affect the wear characteristics or exceed the margin of safety. Use of “Plus-P” ammunition may result in the need for more
    frequent service.
    “Plus-P-Plus” (+P+) ammunition must not be used in Smith &
    Wesson firearms. This marking on the ammunition designates that
    it exceeds established industry standards, but the designation
    does not represent defined pressure limits and therefore such
    ammunition may vary significantly as to the pressures generated
    and could be DANGEROUS.

    What do you guys think?

  3. paxcolt

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    You should be just fine with +P as long as you don't shoot it all the time.
  4. AF2007

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    That's basically how i read it. I've got +P's in the mag for self defense but I shoot regular for practice. Not that it would make any difference...