ozark stream fishing in December

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by Wes Ramsey, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Wes Ramsey

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    I'm headed up to Bryant Creek on Monday to see what's biting. I'm hoping for some walleye, but I don't know if they're in there or not this time of year. If they're there, what would get 'em to bite a hook? What works for smallmouth now? I usually do really well on Yum crawdads and chartreuse rooster tails in the spring and summer, but never fished this late in the year and the walleye aren't there when I'm normally fishing. Any tips?
  2. interested in knowing how you did. from my experince this time of year, the walleye are still in the bigger water in norfok. i usally catch them above udall begining in febuary, and they are heading up steam at that time. good luck

  3. Wes Ramsey

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    Dang. Well, maybe something will be biting. I know a couple of holes the crappie frequent at least :biggrin:
  4. JB Weld

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    I have many fond memories of trout fishing (when I was younger) during this time of year. Me and a buddy of mine went up to the Little Red River one overcast December day. We were fly fishing up near the dam and wading. The temperature was around 25 degrees of course we were young & dumb and not dressed right for those bitterly cold temps. I can remember that it was very quiet that day. We practically had the river to ourselves. Our line kept freezing in the rod guides and we would have to hold it under water to thaw so that we could cast. Man did we ever catch the trout. That day, I caught the largest Rainbow I have ever caught fly-fishing. It was not a monster by any means, and I am sure it is bigger in my memory than it really was in the middle of the river. Like I said, it was bitterly cold that day. We were out there beating the river to death when my buddy looked at me and said, "I am Freezing! I am going to build us a fire!" I just knew we were going to get in a heap of trouble building a fire in the middle of a Federal Park, but we did it. By this time we had worked our way downstream past the camping area, and we built a little fire right there on the bank of the river. Man, did it feel wonderful!

    It is funny how people come and go in our lives. I have not seen that buddy of mine in years! We were just 18-19 when we had that fishing trip on that cold December day.

    So bundle up and go fishing! I bet you will have very little competition, and if you don't watch out you just might make a great memory :up: