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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by QCDually5.9, Dec 26, 2010.

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    Ok, I'll be the first to admit. I find most of the hunting programs to be more entertaining then educational. But I walked away from the tv not long ago because the program that was on the Outdoor channel was just downright irratating the :censored: out of me. Mike Rogers was hosting his SCI series. Now, Mike himself I find alittle irratating. He always seems to be talking down to his audience. But that's just my opinion. Anyways, he and his guide are stumbling around in the woods and come to within about 60yds of a VERY good shooter. (Now Mike is camo'd out in the most expensive monogramed camo that money can buy. His guide is in blue jeans, leather hiking boots, a red coat and pretty much looks like he dressed to go to walmart.) At this point, I'm wondering if "TK & Mike" (different Mike) are involved in this production. The two discuss their options as the buck just stands there. They let him walk and scenes follow with the two walking up on trophy after trophy. Finally the pair walk to within maybe 30yds of a bedded deer. Another trophy no doubt. The two (along with the camera man) are standing in the open and Mike is using his normal voice to question the guide as to whether it's a 'shooter'. NEEDLESS to say, you can't see the chainlink tall fences in the background, nor does the mighty hunter Mike ever admit that he's hunting tame deer. Mike then proceeds to walk even closer and shoots the 'trophy' as it lays there. I felt like I should have been watching a documentary on taking cattle to slaughter. Well, that's my :twocents: on what I consider the worst program to air on the outdoor channel. Anyone catch it?
  2. That's not the only show I suspect of "hunting" behind a high fence. There are just too many "Booners" shot on those so-called "free range shows". Just consider them for the entertainment value.

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    The whole channel is nothing more than a 24 hour infomercial with an occasional kill and it works.

    Bill jordan or any really on there could take a crap in a bottle, slap a sticker on the side
    and people would spray it on themselves because they think it will help.
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    :fit: I won't argue with that! Like I said, I find most programs on there more entertaining then educational. But for goodness sake! If you are gonna present yourself as a professional hunter... a member of SCI... a lean mean killing machine... atleast you could sit in a blind and let the folks run the deer over you. :fit: If you haven't seen it, you'll know it when you do. The only funny thing about it was that I know someone who has a very nice collection of trophy bucks on his wall. He killed every one of them.... just like Mike. I've seen him hunt the real world and he is normally back at camp within 2hours. Talking about how the deer must not be moving that morning. :fit:
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    I too am sick of the ODC. I try to watch once in a while but get mad and turn it off. I think some actually hunt right but I just get sick of it. One of the many things that chap me is how one person uses a phrase and then they all start using it. Like.... "travel corridor" or "rattling sequence" or "transitional bedding area" or "BBD Baby!". Then they sit around and cry about a kid from catch a dream to show how caring they are. Just typing about it makes me mad.
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    Since the Sportsman Channel has come to Dish Network, I hardly every watch ODC anymore. Besides, Sportmans Channel and versus us in HD.
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    I dont even have ODC programmed on my favorites list anymore. There is not a single hunting show I like. They are all just infomercials anyway.

    My TV stays on History most of the time! Im watching Sarah Pailn's Alaska on TLC right now! Jolly good show!

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    Pretty much given up on the Hunting shows for the reasons stated above myself...........usually on Discovery/History/Natgeo etc...watching How Do They Do It? on The Science Channel now..pretty interesting stuff!
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    So they fenced it in and herded the resident whitetail off???????:mad::mad:

    Well guess I shouldn't be mad it's a business and they can run their business they way they see fit....no matter how much I disagree with it,which is exactly why I'll never hunt there:biggrin:
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    SCI is bigtime pro-canned fenced hunting - everyone should know this, and its not a surprise a show backed by them is canned
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    What got me was the Canada deer. I was just curiose what it would cost to buy one of those deer I saw where timberghost is 9500 to 10500. I can't see paying that much to hunt 3 to 5 days. But I won't buy me a new set of bibs either so.
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    I guess that why MO has big bucks according to the other thread......they import them:fit:Must have ran all the scrubs down here to Arkansas since we have suck puny bucks:fit::fit:
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    hunting shows are RUINING hunting, i dont watch them, for the most part they ALL are just about the money

    some are just PLAIN STUPID, POINTLESS
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    Can't have the native wildlife trying to mix that expensive gene pool. :smack:
    I do not know but have been told that you can control alot of the antler grow of a penned buck, during the velvet stage. It's a matter of providing necessary nutrients and from time to time making small injuries to the velvet. Between the two, you can change the bucks 'natural' growth rack. Make a 12pt out of a would-be 8pt. Or bigger.
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    I know what CSI is, but what the :censored: is SCI? :head:
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    They better not I have a pattent on the Trophy Loaf:mad::mad::censored:
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    Save your money on the trophy loaf. Them dang armadillas will come from miles if that get a sniff of it. :smack:
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    Isn't it Safari Club International ? The ODC sucks and it's amazing how people still watch this crap. I remember when most of the shows were fairly real-life hunting situations. Now thats a rarity. The pursuit channel aint bad. I like the show Endless Season Outdoors. It's two Alabama Gomers hunting mostly in Alabama and they are fairly funny.