Our own states washington delegations thoughts on this recent tragedy -- Time call'em

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    WASHINGTON (KATV) - After an election cycle where gun rights were hardly mentioned, the gun control / gun rights debate is heating up again in the wake of Friday's shooting in Connecticut.
    Channel 7 News contacted Arkansas' Washington delegation asking for their stances on the reignited debate. We received the following statements:

    Rep. Tim Griffin (R-02)
    "The tragedy in Connecticut is heartbreaking, and it raises many questions and concerns about our treatment of mental health issues and our increasingly crude and violent culture. But no gun control proposal I've seen – including Connecticut's own ‘assault weapons' ban – could have made the deranged murderer obey the law when he stole firearms and committed this unspeakable rampage."
    Sen. Mark Pryor (D)
    "First, on behalf of all Arkansans, I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to the families, teachers, and community of Sandy Hook Elementary School. In the wake of this tragedy, many complex issues ranging from guns to mental health to violence in the media have been brought to light. As conversations about these issues take place in the future, I will reach out and listen to my constituents' thoughts and concerns. In the meantime, we should give families and loved ones time to grieve and heal."
    Sen. John Boozman (R)
    "Our thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends and all those affected by this unimaginable tragedy. Like President Obama said, no one law or set of laws will eliminate evil in this world, but we must have an open and honest discussion about the root causes of this senseless violence and the state of mental health care in this country."

    Rep. Mike Ross (D-04) in an interview with our content partners at the Arkansas News Bureau

    "This is not the same America that I grew up in, and I think it is time to address whether there really is a legitimate need for high-capacity weapons that can shoot, you know, a lot of rounds of ammunition....I think past notions that any change at all in gun laws is a foot in the door – I think it is time we get beyond that. America has changed. Unfortunately, it is a different place than when we were children. And, we need some commonsense reforms.
    "These weapons that have been used in these horrendous slayings aren't the type of guns I hunt with or anybody else hunts with. I mean when you duck hunt you can only have three shells in your gun by law. And, you know, I shoot a Browning 270 deer rifle. I think it might hold four rounds — that's it. And, I'm your typical hunter out there."
    Rep. Ross is co-chairman of the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus but as an outgoing member of the House, he will not be around to vote on any legislation that may come about as a result of Friday's massacre.

    Guys, burn the phones up.

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    I'm glad Ross is gone. And you better watch out for Pryor, he's gonna do what Ted Kennedy tells him to do...albeit from the grave!

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    Thats why you should Never vote for a person with a "D" behind their name!
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    I have a feeling it isn't going to matter much what any senator or congressman thinks. I feel a new Executive Order coming.
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    What the senators and congressmen need to do is put that pos president in check.
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    Arkansas keeps voting these guys into office.

    It's the voters you need to be preaching to. These guys will ignore calls.

    And I wish someone would point out the word "Hunting" in the 2nd Amendment. I can't find it. I've looked. Any restrictions whatsoever (many of which exist today) are a violation of the intent of the 2nd Amendment.

    Someone needs to start a movement that says "I don't think the Framers really understood the 1st Amendment. We need to change it to make it more valid with the modern world".........and see what happens.
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    They all need to hear from us but Senator Pryor is the one we need to be persuasive with. He is a liberal that I have written to about gun issues before and got no response or a smart alec gun grabber response. He should be reminded that he is up for reelection next time and Arkansas didn't support Obama. And in 2 years we will spend money and campaign to unseat him.
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    There's been some discussions on the internet about that possibility.
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    If Obama directly violates the constitution in this manner then a sitting congressman can bring him up for impeachment and he can spend the next couple of years trying to save himself instead of destroying America like he has planned. Do any of our Republican congressmen have the guts to do it? We can then inform them their job is on the line. There is hope in this. It will take a group of like minded people to stand together as one and work together to accomplish it. There are enough of us on this forum to exert the pressure if we do it together as one.
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    I've got some calls to make tomorrow.
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    I've written my elected officials already and will continue to do so.
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    Have written mine, in no uncertain terms, told them no ban on any gun, ammo or magazines. Stop sending billions to countries that hate us, keep the money here to provide better security for our precious children. Amazing to me all the crap you have to go through at the airport but one man can enter a school and kill all those people. One trained policeman and special security entrance equipment could have stopped this crap.
  13. These guys do not give one whit for morals or right/wrong. They respond to one thing, money, and that comes from power, i.e. votes.
    They do have a long long political memory. They do remember 1994 and how many Congressmen were unseated.

    My messages to them will be short and plain.

    Remember 1994. Unless you want to lose your job, vote for NO increased restriction of firearms ownership of ANY sort.

    Ross can blather all he wants because he is lame duck. He wants to throw in the "... sensible pro-gun Dem. Congressman speaks to the issue...." wrench into the fray. He should be ignored, or told to shut-up.

  14. In ref. to my earlier post, y'all check this:
    "....While Republicans held the line on gun control, Democrats largely ducked, ever since they ratified the assault-weapons ban in 1994 and saw their majority in Congress disappear....."

    credited from this article: