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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Outdoors Our Way, Dec 17, 2012.

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    This is something I threw together for my son to share with his friends. This hunt will be part of an episode on our website later on that tells a bigger story. He didn't know it had split brow tines until he laid his hands on it. I spotted the deer without telling him and moved ahead to film him tracking. His reaction is as genuine as it gets.

    Be sure to click the settings box at the bottom and select 720p HD for the best viewing.

  2. Elliottc

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    That is awesome man, great video and even better reaction
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    Great video, Congrats
  5. speedyburger

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    Congrats, Now that was a awesome hunt!
  6. BIG JIM

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    Great video. :up:
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    GREAT VIDEO Glad you guys were together.
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    That is an awesome video. Best part is right at the end. Thanks for posting this video.
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    Man this is absolutely awesome! Nothin better than father/son moments!
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    Another great video. Thanks for sharing it with us
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    Great video and congrats him on a good buck.
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    Also have you considered getting him a pack of lighted nocks? Nockturnals only add about 8 grains and there is no change in point of impact. It will help both of you to see where it struck the deer and add a lot to your video production
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    That never gets old Brent... Great job Hunter!!!
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    Yes, I thought about it over 10 years ago when I started doing this professionally.
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    Sweet you cant beat that
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