Our First Yote!!!

Discussion in 'Predators, Varmints, and Hogs' started by Fetmo, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Fetmo

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    Toni Mae and I scored on Camp Robinson today!!! two came out knocked um both down but only found one.....it was my first Yote so i can say i rushed the shots ;)




  2. Congrats. That's AWSOME keep it up.

  3. btech29

    btech29 Well-Known Member

    Very nice. Good work.
  4. d.bobo

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  5. Nat1

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    Killem all!!
  6. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Congrats!! That's a fine lookin' shootin' stick ya got there too Fet!! :thumb:
  7. Dermott

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    Fetmo, nice job! Also, glad to see you are taking that young lady along on hunts!! She looks content and happy to be there with you...pretty girl! Steve/"Dermott"
  8. mikebri

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  9. pearlsnaps

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    She is having a great time with dad. Love it. Congrats kill em all!
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