Our best hog of 2007

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  1. VALES

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    Hope this picture comes through o.k. My buddy killed this hog about three weeks ago while we were deer hunting.
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    Nice hog!!! Have you been doing any hunting?

  3. VALES

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    Yeah, but it has been slim pickins. Most of them have gone nocturnal on us but we are still seeing a few. I missed a monster blonde boar that last day of the Christmas hunt...he was a 300-400 lber. but man could he move. He wasn't what i expected when we jumped him out of the thicket but man was he a whopper. I will get him yet....i hope.
  4. Where are you hunting VALES?
  5. VALES

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    Around Prescott area.
  6. Good porkers I see.

    I hunt the white oak lake/poison springs area and we have a few .......well more than a few of those beasts. Now that the woods are gonna get quiet I will start baiting up.
  7. nice hog........i can't find one to save my life. They are there, but like you said, moving at night only. Won't even come to a feeder during the day.

    I thought once deer season closed and things got quite they would come back out, but so far, they haven't
  8. Get a barrel add corn and water. Let it sit for a few days or even a week or two is better. Get it nice and stinky and dump all the contents on your chosen spot. They will find it and keep replenishing it. They will become more active in the daylight .