Ouachita National Forest

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Passthrough, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Passthrough

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    Has anyone done much hunting in the eastern part of the Ouachita National Forest? I live about 20 miles from there so I was thinking of checking it out. Just wondering if there are many deer there and whether anyone has had much luck.
  2. kendract

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    I went to Oachita with my boyfriend and his parents on the weekend of October 1st. We all saw some. His mom killed 2 doe within 37 minutes of each other. I saw 2 doe with 2 fawns and shot and missed. I'm not familiar with the area, though, so I couldn't tell you if it was Eastern. And I haven't been there since that weekend. Wish I was more help.

  3. REM870

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    there are deer, tough terrain, and local to deal with, but worth a shot if need somwhere to go.
  4. Acorn

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    I used to hunt the Winona WMA. Very rugged, very big, but it does hold deer. If you enjoy the adventure and experience of hunting it's great. If you are looking to see lots of deer in each hunt, then it may not be the place. You got to put the work in.
  5. Passthrough

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    Can someone educate me here, I havent hunted much on public land. So, can I hunt anywhere in the Ouachita National Forrest without any type of permit or are there certain areas (such as Winona WMA) within the Ouachita Forrest that I am limited to?

    I have started thinking about hunting some public land around Central Arkansas but Im not sure what all my options are. Anyone have any other areas I should check out? I know bell slough sucks...
  6. Red bone

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    I just started hunting Winona with bow only. I have never gun hunted there because i hunt in zone 12. But the times i have been there for bow late season I have seen deer and not many people. Big area take a GPS