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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by shady grove, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. What in your opinion is the best rest on the market?
  2. Alpha

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    Ripcord code red!

  3. RC

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  4. Veo

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    Don't think you can go wrong with a QAD, Rip Chord, or Apache, have used all 3 of these and like them a lot. Just whatever you do stay away from the biscuit, ha.
  5. Rusty Crawford

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  6. RC

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    What is wrong with the biscuit? Nothing mechanical on it so its one less thing i have to worry about failing.
  7. bmccullough1

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    Good question! My bow came with a Rip Chord and I not liking it so much. I have been thinking about a biscuit.
  8. arfbfan

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    The $60 QAD, have had it on my Z7 for 3 years. Can't tell any difference than the $130 one I had on an Alphamax before that.
  9. Veo

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    Anything that makes contact with your fletchings is not good IMO. I'm not saying they won't work, because obviously they will, but you are selling yourself short with one. There are other non-mechanical rest that do not contact your arrow.
  10. meatgravy

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  11. The Iceman

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    Thats what i shoot ... ive had all but the limb driver, at least twice. I use to laugh at a biscuit. 3 seasons now, aint lookn back.
  12. Nat1

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  13. davglo35

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    I shot the bisquit for years. Had good luck with it. Got an Octane Tripwire fall away a couple years ago. Fastest fall away on the market. My accuracy improves dramaticaly and its tough as nails. I absolutely love it.
  14. dwill3211

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  15. Elliottc

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    I'm with everyone that said ripcord code red, all I use
  16. Stoo

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    I won't use anything other than a limb driven rest. I think it is the best option available. I was using a Vaportrail Limbdriver ProV, It is a great rest for 3D but had a problem with the cord contacting my quiver mount for hunting season. I now have a Trophy Taker Smackdown which can attach to the bottom limb. It has been working fine so far.
  17. airmaster

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    qad, and im liking trophy ridges revolution.. wb's have their place too, i guess...
  18. arkansas-bowhunter

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    Limb driver! The arrow makes less contact with this rest. Reason being is this rest drops down faster than most.