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Opening Day Video 2008

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This is video from opening day. Took my dad who has been with me as a camera man for several years running from Texas to Missouri, today he is carrying the gun.

The morning was quite, nothing at all to be heard. We had decided since we were here to run over to a food plot and see if something tried to sneak in to feed. After sitting there for a while we started back to the truck and boom, two gobblers hammering away. We ran to get set up and started calling.

Let me know what you think.
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WOW!! What a brutal ending...
Sadly that's the most excited I have been this season. I thought that Gobbler had made his last season.
That's the only gobbling I've heard all year!:smack: Thanks for sharing.
Been back a couple of times, nothing. Either they got dumb for someone else or we wised them up way too much.
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