Only in Florida!!!

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    Only in Florida! Ha! This is unbelievable. Actually, when I saw the headline, which I had to read like three time to make sure I read it right, I thought “Oh no! this is probably in Arkansas!” If you don’t read the article, at least read the headline and then all of the people’s comments at the end. Very entertaining if you like legal arguments. By the way, this was in the Sports section of the
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    NE Ark

  3. We laugh... and for good reason mind you.. :fit::fit::fit:... but.....

    Problem 1: there are attorneys willing to take his case!!

    Problem 2: He WILL be granted a hearing!!!!

    Problem 3: He might actually WIN!!!!!!!!

    Gotta love the legal system.
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    I understand he is represented by the law firm of Robb, Swindle & Cheatham. He is considering letting them go, as he has been contacted by the firm of Dewey, Screwem & Howe.
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    I feel that his biggest mistake was that it was a FEMALE donkey, Now had he had he been practicing homosexual acts of beasteality nobody would have said a damn thing. In fact he could have marched in a parade, or gone to Disney on a day set aside for those type folks, or gone on TV and got paid for a cameo apperance in a sit-com. BUT, A FEMALE DONKEY! Thats just repulsive.:fit:
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    KEEP THAT GUY AWAY FROM OUR DEER HERD!:fit:And his little lawyer too!:fit:
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    And a minature Female donkey at that. I'm tell'en ya, if he would have gone with the male minature donkey, he could have got the "gay midget bergade" on board for this fight, and once those fellows get behind ya, they'll have the noses all up in your business.:whistle: