Only in a FORD!

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by rdoliver, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. rdoliver

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    I am an American living in Great Britian. We had our car in the shop while we were back home In Arkansas for the Christmas holidays. The transmission was overheating. When we picked it up we ask what the diagnoses was. Now you have to understand we have a FORD Feista. They told us that the transmission was "confused". It did not know which gear it was in. They had to reset the computer and it is doing fine now. Only in a FORD!!!
  2. coonnutz

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    You know FORD stands for Fix Or Repair Daily right:whistle:

  3. bk1167

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    C'mon Coon, I thought it meant For Off Road Duty.
  4. Ozone

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    You had an American Ford. When you got to Britian, you had to reset it to drive on the left. Simple confusion.
  5. 7 point

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    I don't think I can post what FORD stands for on this forum:fit:
  6. Guitarzan

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    Found On Roadside Dead. :biggrin:
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    I think we found a ford lover:biggrin:
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    I recently converted from ford.
  9. bird dog

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    Where did you have it worked on at??

    There is NO transmission reset that will help an Overheating Problem!!!
  10. live2hunt

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    I thought Ford stood for........ I dont need your bailout money......
  11. dash4cash

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    You know Chevy can't say that.:smack:

  12. thethrill

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  13. dsmtuner1

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    X 2

    Ford makes some great Trucks and Mustangs. I think your problem lies in the model. "fiesta" that's like the metro! Of the ford world c'mon! Be glad it moves forward in 20mph winds lol
  14. Big E

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  15. gundogs

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    Ford; they circled the problem and hi-lighted it in blue...
  16. ronpip

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    Does it end with "on race day"?
  17. xtremebowhunter

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    first over rattlin dodges!

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    I thought it was .......Freaking Old Rebuilt Dodge:whistle:
  19. Rebel

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    Ha! I bought a truck last year and it was a ford but I test drove Chevy's and GMC's first and they are the biggest pieces of junk out there. If I was looking for a car then I might have bought a Chevy truck. They had to get bailed out for a reason.:flag:
  20. 7 point

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    No not quite,more like blankety over rebuilt dodge:biggrin:

    I like the one where he said they highlighted the problem and circled it:fit: