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I let a friend hunt on my place the last cpl of Friday mornings since he got run off his place. He sat in my favorite ground blind set this morning and stuck a small 8. He shoots an old LOUD PSE bow. Shot was judged at 30 but turned out to be 25. Didn't get a passthru shooting Stingers (I think). Anyway, no blood, no arrow, nothing. Found one small cedar twig broke where it ran into the woods. Grid searched for 3 hours and never saw a sign. Hoping his shot was high in no man's land.
Deer Antler Reindeer Elk Display device

We think this is the one he shot. I have passed on it a cpl times for that crab claw on both main beams. Hopefull he stays alive and we can see what he turns into in a cpl years.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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