One of My Favorite Stands

Discussion in 'Predators, Varmints, and Hogs' started by Allstar, Dec 22, 2010.

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    Got to make couple stands starting at daylight this morning. I went back to the spot I took the first 2 of my season (double) back in Oct. I had called a double in back in Nov. about a mile north of this spot and wasn't able to seal the deal then, but this morning would be different.:thumb: It was just getting where I could see pretty good so I setup calling to the north with a slight NE crosswind. I placed the CS24 and Mojo out about 30 yards in front down in the deep bermuda grass hiding both except for the top of the Critter. I figured I would do things a little different this morning by starting with a pup howl followed by some baybee cottontail. This proved to be a winning combo.:wink: 3 minutes into the stand I catch movement to the east, it's a real dark dog bouncing into the field 150 yards out looking for the rabbit. He starts my way pulling up occassionally and then I see his mate. She hangs up at the edge of the CRP and won't commit but he's a coming. I lower the volume to the point I can barely hear it now and got him searching for the rabbit. I let him come to about the 50 yd mark, give a big WOOF, and the Whizzer does the rest. :up: Once the shot was fired, the female disappeared back into the CRP quick like. Second stand was dry and headed back into town for a 9:00 appointment.
  2. :thumb:

    I am breaking out the FoxPro for the first time this season tommrrow. Can't wait

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    Nice looking yote Allstar, congrats on what sounds like a fun hunt:up:

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    Man, that's a pretty 'yote right there! Congrats! :thumb:

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    That dog looks alot better on a bigger screen than my phone. Lol. :thumb:

    I'd have tanned that one. :cool:
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    Thats a good looking dawg. Congrats.
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    that almost looks like a wolf. Congrats:up:
  9. Nice one, thats a nice looking yote. You planing on tanning or anything like that?
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    No, had it been closer to a solid black I probably would have.