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    This afternoons hunt wasn't quite as exciting as last evenings but just as rewarding. Got started around 3:00 today with my first 2 stands being dry. I was setup for my 3rd stand on the south edge of a big open field with some CRP to my west bordering this big field along the south edge. I had a nice crosswind as I faced west with wind from the north hoping to call a dog from this CRP patch. About 8 minutes into some baby cottontail frenzy I catch movement way around to my right (NE) out in the field. She was still way out I quess 1/2 mile when I picked her up, she stood out well in the bright sun. She was trotting my way, semi quartering away, taking her time, even stopping to do her business. She wasn't really that interested but did show enough interest to come on in circling out couple hundred yards to my NW. I was hoping see was going to make it on around to the edge of the CRP, turn and come to me but that wasn't her plan. As she hit the turnrow 200 yds out, I was already on her waiting for her next move. As was not the plan, she turned to leave and the Whizzer barked for another photo opportunity. Had time for one more dry stand and headed in.
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    Good job! That dog looks good and healthy. :up:

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    Nice job, keep up the good work! :thumb:

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    Congrats Allstar, keep the stories coming:up:

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    Awsome congrats.