One More Reason to Ban Spinners!

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by SwampCat, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. SwampCat

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    OK - I admit - I use a spinner sometimes. The other morning, my son and I had paddled our pirogues into the duck hole and we unloading our gear out onto the bank. It is a half hour before shooting light. I look at my field bag sitting on the bank that carries my shells, gloves, calls, and spinner. I see a light shining in it and I told my son that my headlight must have somehow got switched on. In just a minute, I walk over there to turn it off, unzip the bag, and there is a fire with five inch high flames - inside the bag. Turns out, my extra spring top six volt battery had shorted out against the brass on one of the many shotgun shells, and had caught the outside of the shell and my rubber decoy gloves on fire. It had also melted the top of the battery. I have heard of house fires starting by throwing nine volt transistor batteries in the trash, and then they short out on a tin can or piece of foil. Had over two boxes of shells in the bag - it could have got exciting. My son splashed water on the fire to put it out. Everyone will be glad to know the spinner escaped and successfully added a few extra ducks to the bag.:thumb:

  2. Doug Fryer

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    See........even spinners hate themselves.......tried to commit suicide.:fit:

    Glad it wasn't worse.

  3. xdamagexx

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    wow. u got lucky!!! if i ever see a light in my bag im gonna run over to it.
  4. SwampCat

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    I am just glad it did not happen in the back of the truck while driving to the boatramp. Plenty of stuff in the back of the truck to really make a fire - gas cans especially.
  5. cuppedup

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    :head:wonder why they come with that little black cap over the NEG?
    :idea: So it can't complete the circut and thereby spark causing a fire:up:
  6. J. Adams

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    bet that.

    lucky for sure
  7. browning_gold_12

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    that could have been bad!:eek:i have seen this numerous times in my job. had a car fire just the other night from a spring top batt. even saw a fellow firefighter, who had a 9v batt short across a coin in his pocket!! that was hilarious. i had a homemade crow call. it was a car casette player, a lawnmower battery, and a horn speaker, all in a plastic tool box. we were walking in to a set on the back of a pasture, and something shorted out and started smoking, just as we walked past a watering trough. it never did work right arter that dunking.....:smack:
  8. tex

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    Glad yall got it put out. I had one smoking in my back seat next to my 9yo daughter back during deer season. Was gonna change the battery in a feeder, and she started shrieking about smoke and fire as we were heading down the dirt road into the property. It had backed up to a lug wrench that was in the seat and was heating up nicely. During the hurried exodus from the truck my wife dumped a purse in a mudhole in the road. It actually was pretty funny, but I'd never considered one causing a fire until then. Guess we both learned...
  9. SwampCat

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    That probably keeps that from happening on the shelf and burning the store down. Unfortunately, the first time I use mine, the little red and black plastic cap protectors are gone forever.