One heck of a night!

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    This might get a little long so I apologize in advance. I took my coon dogs out for a hunt tonight, thought I might tree a few and work one of my pups some. So we get out to where we are going to hunt and right out of the box my gyp and pup hit on a cold track and start working it out. They work it for probably 20 minutes and the gyp lets out a bark or two. She is a really quite dog on track and hunts really close. When she barks she is right on top of a coon. I go over to where they are, probably 30 yards from where they left the road. She is circling a tree but not really committing to it. she pulls off the tree and goes to back trailing. I look up the tree real good and think I can see a foot. So I pull up with the trusty 10-22 and shoot what I think is a coon foot. I was right. Here came the biggest :censored: coon I have seen in a long time out of that tree. My dogs are still back trailing trying to work it out. She had finally hit a lay up coon. So the coon comes down all kinds of angry, hits the ground and takes off running. I call my dogs, and the pup comes right to me, the gyp is still working a trail. I put him back on the tree and away he goes. I talk him up real good (mind you he has never treed a coon) and away he goes. cuts through the woods, jumps the dirt road and heads into a thicket. No barking out of him yet. He gets up into the thicket and hit hard, went to pushing that old coon and letting out the prettiest bawl I have ever heard. The gyp pulls off and heads in with him. I walk out to the road and listen to them pushing this old coon. They are working hard, that pup goes to chopping and I just knew he had treed his first coon. I sit and listen to him and about half the time it sounds like he has his head in a hole. So I say to my self, GREAT, I put that dog on a hot trail and he ends up on an armadillo........:censored:

    So I head into the thicket to get the dogs and the gyp is barking on the hole too. By the time I get into them the gyp is almost all the way in the hole and the pup is digging a hole a couple feet away. I grab the gyp and tie her back. run the pup off his hole and look down in it, and I'll be there is a coon nose sticking up out of that hole and hissing at me. I grab a stick and dig the hole on out some so the gyp can get her head in and I go to the other hole and poke that coon with a stick, he spins around and goes to fighting at my stick, I poke him real hard with my "poking stick" and he runs backward enough that gyp can get a hold of one of his legs, she drags back and that pup grabs the other leg. They rip that coon out of the hole and the fight is on. As it came out of the hole it twisted around and layed a cut across my gyps nose. She shakes it off and the pup grabs it. It balls up on the pups head, he goes to screaming and backing up, gyp grabbed it and pulled it off the pup and here that pup came back looking for more. Before it was over though that blame coon whooped both my dogs and blame near whooped me. I finally had to shoot the stupid thing to kill it.

    Here are a couple picks of the dogs with the coon after I got home and me holding up the coon...He was a big mean one but we took care of him and my pup "treed" his first coon in a hole in the ground.




    The last pic looks worse then it is, she will have a scar from it, but boy she gave that coon all she had and then came back for more.

    Thanks for reading my long drawn out story :fit:
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    Sound like I heck of a night. Congrats on your pup tree his first coon in the ground.

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    I would have payed good money to have seen that.:up:
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    do you have to worry about disease and such when they get scuffed up like that?
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    Some of the real bad cuts get infected at times but most of the time nothing a antibotic shot want fix. We just give them a Rabie shot and go. I have always been told if a dog could lick the wound they would be fine. Knock on wood I have been coonhunting for around 16 to 17 years have had lot of hounds cut, scraped, and wounded with no serious problems.
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    Congrats, there aint no better feeling in the world than having a dog you trained yourself tree his first coon. I got a pup right now that is comin on real good and should be a heck of a dog. Them holes aint much fun with a coon in um, bayed them up that way a few times.
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    Good look'n dog there. Good story also.
  8. i'm sure glad the joey dog is working out for you looks like shes doing a helluve a job for ya look forward to more stories and pics S.C.1
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    She is working out great SC1, she sure don't have any quit in her. She is training my pups the way I wanted them to be trained.
  10. if you ever want to sell her ill give what you paid for her pluss 500.00
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    Nice story, thanks for sharing.