One big yote

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  1. arelk

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    Shot the largest coyote of my life . Couldn't lift him off the ground with one hand. Shot three from one stand in about 15 min. but the other two were a little mangy.


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  2. tmeredith

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    That is a biggun.:eek: Did you get him around the house?

  3. gbashby

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  4. fullcredit

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    Maybe the problem is on my end, but the pic stayed small. I tried another option, but it's still not right. Huge yote!
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  6. arelk

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    Shot him on some property I have at Bentonville. They came out of a five acre woodlot when I sent my buddy to the other side. The plan worked.
    Took the pic with a phone and emailed it to the puter. I'm not too good with anything that dont' have a trigger and hammer. I was feeling pretty lucky that I got it on this site.
  7. dash4cash

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    That's a good one forsure:up:

  8. coyot22.250

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  9. could that be half wolf and half yote :head: thats a bigun
  10. Dermott

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    BIG Yote!

    ArElk -

    Wow, nice coyote! Did you weigh it?

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