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Red Brindle, Hes Only 8 Months. I Still Have Him And His litter mate. Both Are Started Treeing Very Well For Theyre Age. The Whole Litter Is Treeing. All The Guys That Bought The Pups Are Wanting Some From The Next Litter. These Pups Are Highly Bred. The Two We Have Left Are Treeing But Still Learning. If its A Hot Track Theyll Let You Know. But Thats Just The Puppy In Them. Im Still Taking Them Almost Every Afternoon And Theyre Improving each time. We Just Put The Sire And Dam Back Together Tonight Because She Has Came back in. Ill Take You Hunting With These Pups. 800 A Piece. Gyp Black Brindle. Male Red Brindle. Call Or Text 870-820-8051
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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