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    last week and tells me he has a hole in a local WMA he wants me to come over and hunt with him. I make plans, take off from work Wednesday afternoon and head over. I ask him what time he wants me at the ramp and he says 4:00a.m. He dosen't want to miss getting this hole. Woddies fly at FSL and we (I) take our 2 and sit back to wait on the mallets. Bout 8:30 he says, "Mahn this is the same thing that happened Monday." To which I ask, "What happened Monday?" He says, "Well after the woodies flew, we didn't see another duck all morning.":banghead::banghead::banghead:
    Sucker done brought me to a hole 3 days after he didn't kill crap in it the 1st time.:censored:
    I told him usually I don't go back to a hole if I didn't do any good a few days before. He then tells me, "But it sure is a good hole ain't it.":smack:
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    "Can't believe you brought me to this Gar Hole".:banghead: