Ole Blue Boy

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  1. Allstar

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    Got out this afternoon for a few stands hoping to score a yote. First 3 were dry and the fourth paid off. This is one of those stands that Chris or I take a dog on every year and this was the first time to call it this season. It is now about 4:20 and I set up on a slight crosswind with a light breeze out of the NW calling to the east. I tune up some baybee cottontail and at the 6 minute mark I see him coming. Man, this has to be one of the mangiest ones I've seen in a while. At around 50 yds I mute the call, give him a woof, and send a 100gr. NBT his way from my 25WSSM. He was DRT.:thumb: Had time for one more stand before dark and called out a bobcat but as with every cat I have called, they are always across a big field and they never cross a big field.:smack: One day I'm gonna be on the right side.:wink:
  2. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Don't think he would have made it through a hard winter.

    That red kinda goes with the blue!! :thumb:

  3. .270Win

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    I have NEVER seen anything that ate up with the mange! Makes me itch just lookin' at it! :eek:

  4. Allstar

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    I took the toe of my boot to move his leg just enough to see what flavor he was and drug my foot for 10 yds making sure I got any potential itchies off.:fit:
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    Man thats one ugly sucker! You done him a favor. Good shootin. :up:
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  7. neotoxo

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    That is one that needs to be shoved in the face of Tree Hugging Peta freaks...
    just to remind them how cruel mother nature can be...
  8. :clap: :fit: not a bad idea, but funny as :censored:
  9. Cjdavis618

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    I think somebody did a bad cut job on that pasture poodle. :eek: Any combines nearby?

    Allstar, I'm glad you put that one down. The other 2 we killed there looked really good. You just keep killing them ugly ones out. :up:

    (Man you would win an ugly coyote prize for that one.) Take the hair off and you would have a Chupacabra. lol
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    Great hunt, you going to tan the hide?:whistle:
  11. hunter_3780

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    so thats why the old timers say its blue cold. :biggrin: