old yeller dog food

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  1. any one here using this my fatherin law was and has several sick dogs we thought it was toxicida but havefound out from vet its the dog food:doh:
  2. ksf04001

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    Yeah i heard on the news that kroger had to recall a lot of old yeller dog food.

  3. green_head_getter

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    Ole Roy, ole yeller. It's trash. IDE just assume feed my dog a bowl of mud. About the same nutritional value. I feed diamond dog food, not the best but she doesn't need near as much and she also poops alot less. This means she is utilizing more of the food
  4. arcountryboy

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    Glad to hear that, I was fixing to buy another bag. My Chesapeke bay has been eating it for two years and has a beautiful coat, nicely built, and if she had any more energy I couldnt keep her in the fence.
  5. qwack smacker 1on1

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    purenna smart blendspelling?? or blue buffalo cant go wrong with either one:thumb:
  6. coonnutz

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    I've been feeding my Heelers Ole Yaller since 2005 and they haven't croaked yet:shrug:
  7. THExONE

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    Members Mark from Sam's is as good as any of the high dollar brands on the market. Lots of protein and the main ingredient isnt corn like most dog foods.
  8. iv been using old roy for about 15 years some of my dogs i have now wont anything but that
  9. trashbag boogier

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    my dog will eat the cheap food or he can pack up and go ,$ 30 bucks a bag for food not here thats beer money :fit::fit:
  10. Nuge Fan

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    Our dogs all eat Ol Roy. When you have 6 of them and have to buy the 50lb bag every week, that's about the only thing you can afford!