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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Juice, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Here are a few calls we found while cleaning out our Grandaddy's house. He passed away in April of last year and these old calls were in a box that Hooked Spurs and I found. We've got a cousin who's as crazy about turkeys as we are, so he's going to get whatever one he wants as a keepsake. I want to hunt with mine and kill a gobbler, then retire it.

    The first one is an Olt Crank Turkey Call, it's a neat concept, not great sounding. I did a little research and found out it's a design patented by Pete Pulley from Missouri. Olt paid him royalties on producing it until they stopped production in 1979. One of the neatest things is the the small booklet with this call, giving tips...."Hen turkeys in the wild call rather infrequently, but when the do a gobbler in the mood for romance will pinpoint the sound of her love yelps and go right to her from a half mile or more".

    The next one isn't quite as old, it's the Little Scratch box made by Cedar Hills Game Calls from Louisiana. Some Wally Worlds sell these even today. Not sure how long Grandaddy had it. Sweet sounding call, produces awesome clucks.

    The last one is an old 2 sided Lynch. Not uncommon, but still looks great, needs a little tuning to make those "love yelps" though.
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    SWEET!!!! That would be need to get a bird with one, then retire it:up:

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    Here is the call I kept when we cleaned out our Grandaddy's house this summer. It is a Lohman scratch box call. I don't know how old it is, but it produces great turkey sounds. I look forward to using it this spring. It would be special to call up a gobbler with it.


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    Wow! Those are Awesome! Thanks for sharing the pics.
  5. those are some cool looking calls. I especially like the first one. That thing is wicked looking.
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    Them are some neat calls :thumb:
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    Appreciate ya'll sharing those. Don't think I have ever seen a crank call before. Definitely some to keep care of.
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    Note to self: Use the term "love yelps" as much as possible when talking turkey hunting this spring.:fit:

    That crank call is unreal. Never even heard of one of those.

    That is so cool that yall have so many turkey hunters in your family. I have one grandpa that used to turkey hunt some, I think only in the fall back in those days. He lives in West Virginia. We have talked turkeys a little, and he showed me a beard from a bird he killed way back when, but I dont think he was real serious about it.
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    I wish the crank call sounded better, it's a neat design, doesn't sound great.

    Grandaddy (Mom's Dad) didn't seem as serious about it after we got a little older and caught the bug, but he did have some beards hanging around his trophy room. He had quite a few deer mounted, even a couple that belonged to his Dad. That used to be one of my favorite places to go as a kid. I loved looking at those deer, even though he probably got tired of telling us kids about where and when he killed them. He was a great woodsman, Dad used to say he'd make a beeline for a ridge and if you weren't paying attention, he'd run off and leave you. He'd tell us that Grandaddy didn't think much about what was in between point A and B, because he knew the game was thick at point B!

    Our Grandad (Dad's dad) wasn't a turkey hunter, but a bird hunter and fisherman, but he did kill at least one turkey in his life that I remember the story about. He told us that he and his buddy Merle were hunting one day, not sure what for, when a hen turkey flushed from in front and flew up in their face. Merle through the gun up, but Grandad hollered "NO", so no shot was fired. A few steps later another turkey got up and Grandad shot and killed it! He never shared what he and Merle's conversation consisted of after that.:fit:

    Dad was the one who got us geared up for turkeys. We had some awesome fall hunts when we were kids. Then he took us to Missouri when we were in school, I was 15, HS would have been 11, so that really fueled the fire even more.
  11. The Cedar Hill Little Scratchbow is made by Mr. Jerry Antley. It is one of the older ones looking at the address, it is before we had 911 addresses here in Union Parish. Mr. Jerry is still making calls, has a booth at the NWTF National Convention every year & is a past LA state calling champion, a charter member of the NTWF, and also judges at Nationals every year, member of our local NWTF Chapter in Farmerville, LA (Union Long Spurs)
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    My local Walmart just set their turkey hunting stuff out, and ALL of the calls are Cedar Hills. I'm actually surprised to see that they're a legit outfit, and not some cutt-throat importer.
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    That's pretty cool!!! I've never seen a crank call like that.
  14. I've been to his place a lot, just a home town man that is actually bigger than most people realize, he had a couple of older turkey hunting videos out in the late 80's before everybody got on the bandwagon, sells calls all over the country, i think he is coming out with some new videos this year or next, donates calls & stuff to our banquet and JAKES hunts anytime we ask him, has just got one of his pro staffers in Georgia I think to finally put up a website, still working on it, makes lanyards for lots of call manufactures also, slate, glass, aluminum pot calls, diaphrams, duck calls, elk,predator, has a new hog call out also, scents, camo headnets, gloves, not a fly by night at alll
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    Twin Hen from Ben Lee

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    Top of the box call

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    I read that about Mr. Antley somewhere. The world needs more people like him, willing to help others in this awesome sport. My cousin and I are going to look at the three calls I posted, hopefully he'll want the big box or the crank......I really want that scratch box. If he picks it, I'll buy one!
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    Sleepy, that's a collectible for sure. We were blessed to have Dick Kirby and Will Primos autograph some box calls for a few of our banquets. My biggest regret is not spending the money to buy them in the auction.