Old school hunting in Arkansas -- 1965 style

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    Well this early feminist hunting movement might have been "started" by the Deer killed by Mrs. L.M. Hamilton.. in Chicot county south of Lake village. Mrs. Liz killed the ( at this time 1960) was at the time Rex. Hamilton Scored and entered) The largest Boone and Crocket Buck ever killed and registered in the B&C... Records Book by a Lady... actually it was the ONLY one entered in B&C by a lady... in the 1964 Record book edition.

    A 170 and 6/8 giant.. (net) of a buck with a giant set of Horns. The Brow tine on the Left side was forked and measured all the way down to the beam as an 8 inch sticker... that took about 8 inches of score off of a 180 typical frame .....
    Think she might still be the Female record holder in B&C in Arkansas .... and maybe in the B&C Record Book...

    By the way Dermott Boy... do you still know how to get in touch with Tommy Horton?

    Back in 1972 ... Tommy Horton killed a 182 7/8 Non Typical with his Bow that at that time might have been the largest deer ever killed with a Bow and entered into the P&Y book.... (At That Time)
    Any way his Bow killed monster held the P&Y NT record for Arkansas up until Gary Powell killed an Arkansas P&Y NT record book 186 0/8 monster.... in 1994...

    I think the Ryan Sullivan 212 1/8 is now the Arkansas State NT record for Pope and young....

    Always wanted to rescore the Tommy Horton buck as i did rough score it back in about 1992 or 1993... It was scored for P&Y the old way and might just score higher with a New B&C score.... as several points had webbing that Rex scored differently than the new rules.....

    Example is the Bilgisher buck was the old B&C State NT record at 206, but after a panel score in Minnesota , it was raised to 222 3/8 by 3 official scorers because of the webbing on the right side... I wasn't one of them... because I had requested B&C have it remeasured...
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    I remember school getting out, conditionally, on that first Monday opener. Condition was that it didn’t get rolled during Halloween.

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    Duffer, I do not know Tommy Horton? I graduated from DHS in 1965 and maybe he was a good bit older? He must have used a recurve back then which makes his B&C buck even more impressive! Left Dermott in ‘65 for college & family moved to Conway a few years later.
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    My mistake.... I was thinking Dewitt not Dermott .....
    Tommy Horton was living in Dewitt until he moved east towards Ethel....

    But Dermott that was where the Bilgishers lived.... you remember them hopefully.... They had the old State record Non typical in their game room.... with the pool table...
    Each show we had in the early 90s I would go thru south east Arkansas including Dermott and pick up the OLD B&C deer and take them to the shows we had..... I would have about 17 OLD B&Cs in my pickup and under the camper in back... The Bilgisher BUCK always was in the Passenger seat on those trips ..... It was on a board mount.... I had it remounted for them for the shows.... They eventually sold it to Cabelas ...... I could have bought it but thought it meant more to them than it did... Missed my chance and Arkansas lost another Trophy to someone outside the state .... Hell they don't even know the story of that TROPHY ..... But just that it was an Arkansas deer that scored 223+ non typical. Understand that both of the Bilgisher Brothers passed a while back ... sorry about that as they were great guys....

    But if you go to Mac's Prairie Wings store in Stuttgart I have a replica of that great OLD record of their Father's on the wall ( FYI He found it in a brush pile after the season while he was quail hunting.... The Dog had it pointed...)
    When you walk out of Mac's look on the right wall and those 37 deer are B&C replicas I made from the old Arkansas B&Cs
    for Arkansas to view...
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    I was concerned when I couldn’t remember Tommy Horton so glad to learn he was from Dewitt!
    Yes, I know the Bilgishers but didn’t know about the B&C buck. I am the oldest of 6 & remember Al Bilgisher was a friend of my 5th sibling Floyd.

    I live in Bentonville now & see some trophy deer, etc. in Bass Pro/Cabelas in Rogers. From ‘81 thru 2006 I lived in Joplin, MO & was with MSSU & had a lot of time to hunt KS & MO. I saw many huge bucks while quail hunting in KS but never killed a huge buck there as KS didn’t open gun deer until December as rut was winding down. Killed lots of trophy gobblers including one with 11 & 13 inch beards & 1 7/8 & 2+ inch spurs. I had 9 big gobblers in NC KS attack a Jake decoy at once & took 2 trophy gobblers with 1 shot.
    I crossbow hunt a lot now & need to get to KS as can hunt during early rut there. I primarily turkey hunt now & almost always in KS. Have taken 5 gobblers with crossbow including some big ones and Have taken many with shotgun.

    I don’t know a lot of people in Dermott anymore as left in 1965 & my parents moved to Conway about 1970. Have a brother in law in Eudora, a farmer, and his oldest son lives in Lake Village and farms. The nephew is big deer & waterfowl hunter. Also have a sister & her husband in Stuttgart and will look for the replica in Mack’s.
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    Lets hear IT from the South East counties

    Our ( Arkansas ) best hunting areas during this time from the near extinction of deer in Arkansas in the 1920s to our heyday in the 60s to the current boom of the trophies after the 3 point rule ....... to our current year 2020....

    Man .....they had some powerful camps well known throughout deer hunting circles and also, well known members... Snow club, Big Island, Turner Neal.... and the list goes on....
    David Taylor Hyatt would be one with the most memories of the SE area...

    The camps across the Arkansas river had poor access to their hunting area around the East side of the Arkansas river over to the Ethel and Snow area. .

    So each year on Friday the train companies sent a special train with empty box cars to the Gould Area...

    Lets hear about the wait of the gathering hunters at Gould .... waiting to ride the train across the Arkansas River to the Snow camp area ....for that first day allowed in the deer camps with all their camping gear, Dogs, Horses and equipment, to the ride. They would be at the camp until they broke camp .... Then when camp was over the train would come back and make its assigned stops to pick up the hunter, dogs and Horses for the trip back to Gould...

    We can't forget about the Deer that were harvested and hanging on the cleaning racks, .... and would be dropped off at the Ice Plant in Gould waiting for ( you guessed it) The Taxidermists in St. Louis. The Schwarz Taxidermy studio each year sent a refrigerated train box car(s) to the Arkansas area and stored them in the Gould Ice Plant.... where they were waiting to be picked up.

    I think the first time the hunters would see their mounted trophies was the next year when the Schwarz company sent back the new mounts to an assigned area.... prolly Gould.

    Would someone from Arkansas County, Desha county, Drew County , Chicot and anyone in that South East Arkansas area chime in.
    The top B&C counties in Arkansas are still Arkansas County and Desha County.... But we have some other counties creeping in to the discussion.

    I think at one time and maybe even now there were 6-7 deer clubs on BIG ISLAND.. How about the Turner Neal club

    C'Mon man....... lets hear it....
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    Trains, picking up hunters and deer, from Gould to Snow Lake is reaching on back there. I made a few trips down around the “Hole in the Wall Lake” area, and was always impressed. Desha county certainly has a history of being home to some monsters. And like we’ve all heard, it probably still has areas that harbor the Ivory Billed Woodpecker.
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    I did not know Gould’s history with RR coming there to transport hunters, horses et al to Snow Lake, etc. I have been told Mr. Ward (Ward Bus company founder) & Mistoe Griffin both of Conway were early hunters on Big Island and Mr. Ward built a small camp house which is still in use today.I have been on Big Island with members but not during deer season. Bear & turkey hunting is said to be good there as well.
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