Old gobbler running late to roost tree

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Manybeards, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Manybeards

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    Last weekend while deer hunting I had an old gobbler littlerly come running through the woods trying to get to his roost tree. It was very late 5:20 pm and dang near black dark in the woods. When the gobbler came by me he still had a good 1/4 mile to go until reaching his normal roost and I didn't hear him fly up short of it. I believe in all the yrs of turkey hunting this was the latest and most determined gobbler I have seen to get back to his normal tree. I have seen turkeys in fields really late that flew from field to tree, but never one in the woods this late. How about ya'll? When do you usually see turkeys fly up to roost?
  2. kerrtw

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    Never seen one that close to dark. Usually well before it's to dark for them to see.

  3. sleepy

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    Just what we need many beards all ready got one roosted.
  4. Manybeards

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    :fit: He wouldn't have had a chance. He was within 20 yards 2 days in a row. :wink:

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    I have passed on many deer just to watch the turkeys. Direction, wind and time of day etc.... I peel bark and drop it just to see if they react to it.
  6. Lt Gibson

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    Here on e Mississippi public land they have been roosting at about 430-440,but I am in some dark timber.
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    I had three long beards do that to me one time hunting in North Arkansas. It was black dark I could hear them coming and I thought it was coons or yotes. All I could see was black looking objects coming to me. When they flew up I could see them and their ropes!!!
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    They're gonna have to start another column beside Manybeards name to fit all them "contest winner" titles
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    Seen some fly up about 5-5:10pm
  10. thompson

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    The ones I have here at home will wait till almost black dark. Most I see in the woods are about 4:55.