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Discussion in 'Ask the Vet' started by Sylamore, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Sylamore

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    I have a Golden Retriever that is 14 years old, blind and nearly deaf. He gets around pretty well in my fenced back yard. He knows exactly where every thing is in the yard.
    The question is he seems to prefer to just lay on the bare ground rather than get into his dog box. Even during the recent coldest nights with single digit temperatures, he would not stay in the dog house. I put a neoprene dog suit on him to try to keep him warm. What should I do? Should I put him down or let him alone and let nature take it's course. :thumb:
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    First I will tell you there is no specific right or wrong answer to your question. However, I will give you my opinion on this matter of older dogs and when it is time to let them go. I feel like if they are able to enjoy themselves and still take care of themselves we ought to leave them alone and let them live out their lives. If they are having what I call quality of life issues, can't eat on their own, have to be force fed, urinating and defecating on themselves, can not get up without us picking them up, etc., then I think it is time to let them go to a better place.
    He might be having some trouble with his dog house. It could be that getting in there is too hard to move around for him, he may not be comfortable with being closed in since he is blind and deaf, etc. Do you have a blanket in there for him? You might consider making him a little lean to type structure that is a little more "open". Might consider putting him a blanket out on the gorund for him to lay on that has either his own smells or yours on it.
    Just a couple of ideas to try and help you with this problem.


  3. Sylamore

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    I built him a wind break out of hay bales and have plenty of hay for him to lay on. He used it for a while then quit it. The recent night that it got down to 8 degrees here, he just laid out in the open yard. I went out about three times and moved him into his dog box. I cannot figure out what his issue is with the dog box, he has used for the past ten years. I thought at first that he was just cold and disoriented. Also thought he was going out to relieve himself and could not find his way back. But that is not the case. I am sort of lost as to what else I can do for him.
    He has been a fine friend and companion, but I will put him down if he starts to really suffer. :thumb:
  4. Sylamore

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    Well my Golden passed away last night. He died of natural causes at 14 years, seven months. One of the finest dogs I have ever owned. I will sure miss having him around. :thumb:
  5. Earnhardt fan #1

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    Sorry to hear that Sly

    I met him a couple times smart dog I might add
  6. SARAH

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    Hate that for you but at least you were blessed with 14 good years with him. Will say a little prayer for you and your family loosing a pet is rough.
  7. Sylamore

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    Thanks SARAH!

    The Lord has blessed me with four outstanding hunting dogs in my life time. It has been hard each time to see them go. This dog was truly outstanding.
    His first duck retrieve was at four months old. My buddy an I put four mallards down out of one flight and my Golden retrieved all of them.

    I walked a creek bank in Alabama and often jumped Woodies. One one trip I dropped a glove somewhere along the way. It was a new pair and I hated to loose it. I showed the one I still had to the dog and he was gone about 15 minutes and came back with the glove I had lost.

    I don't know if I will get another one or not. Maybe after a while! :thumb:
  8. zane

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    They sure do grow on us- they end up being a family member. It is hard when they leave us but they give us a lifetime of smiles!:wink: