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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by XFinder, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Was hunting Harris Brake today? Heard a couple of Goobs was in there today and whacked a snow goose. Problem is there is no hunting allowed on Wednesdays and the snow goose turned out to be a Trumpeter Swan. Apparently the GW set em straight.
  2. BDW

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    HAHAHA....That's great. Haven't heard that one. :fit:

  3. WILDMAN44

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    Pretty sure that's just below shooting a bald eagle.
  4. I bet it was one of those BBDH!!!!!
  5. jjarvis0007

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    That's BDW's stomping grounds!
  6. BDW

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    I swear I shot it for a pelican!! :fit:
  7. Dixon

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    Actually it was at Ed Gordan, but yes GW set them straight....to the tune of $1,800 a peice.
  8. juleo

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    Yeah, I would dang sure not want be caught with a Trumpeter Swan. But it sure would be a pretty mount...
  9. just barely...dumb a's
  10. stick n string

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    Sure glad I didn't get caught with that something-other billed peckerwood.
  11. skip1411

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    How could they not know it was a swan. Those things are big.
  12. skip1411

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    At first I thought this actually happened at Harris Brake. I saw one out there 2-3 years ago. Figured that had to be the one I saw, figured there wouldn't be many there.