Ok... Which member can take a bottle to the head, and...

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Saltydog, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Arky73

    Arky73 Well-Known Member

    Little Rock. What a cesspool of losers, yuppies, and idiots. Glad I don’t live there.

  2. JR1

    JR1 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Ol boy is either a tough guy or he was highly inebriated and felt nothing.
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  3. Allenn

    Allenn Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    If your so damn worried about someone being to close why are you in a restaurant sitting At a bar? I wish the dude would have beat the crap out of both of them!
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  4. hawgpharm

    hawgpharm Well-Known Member

    East End
    I think that was uncle Jackie.
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  5. CoyoteControlInc

    CoyoteControlInc Well-Known Member

    Only time I would take a bottle to the noggin and come up swinging is if they took my plate before I was finished. That will set me off.
  6. Onetrakd

    Onetrakd Well-Known Member

    I’ve unfortunately taken one to the top of the head while my back was turned. That guy is either tough or the other guys aim was off and it didn’t hit him in the head.
  7. stealthycat

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    walk out

    that was uncalled for - walk out and leave the people alone - good gawd
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  8. All over a hell raisin woman, she did just what she wanted to do.
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  9. stingerslinger

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  10. Mr. Rusty

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    BT 11hunnerd
  11. JB Weld

    JB Weld Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Man o man! I got cracked in the back of the head with a Jack Black bottle and then kicked in the face as I went down. I had two black eyes for days and my nose is still a little crooked. If I hadnt been drinking Wild Turkey and Milwaukees Best that night I never would had been able to straighten my nose back out. I think that guy who kicked me in the face tried to relocate my nose over my right eyeball! Sheesh I am glad I got old enough to slow down a little!
  12. lawson6565

    lawson6565 Well-Known Member

    when i got discharged from the service, i was celebrating my birthday when a guy tapped me on the shoulder. i turned around only to be laid out by the butt off
    a beer bottle. didn't know him aand friends helped me get home. still have the 3 inch scar and the 55 yr old fuzzy memory of it. oh, they said the bottle didn"t break.
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  13. luckless

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    Location and location- if you get hit on the right spot of the head on the right spot of the bottle - it won’t phase you. It’s like hitting a golf between the screws.

    On the other hand - a little off in any direction and you’re going to know it.
  14. Johnjpa808

    Johnjpa808 Well-Known Member


    All idiots besides the one guy trying to deescalate the situation.
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  15. buckhorn

    buckhorn Well-Known Member

    Perfect example of why the older I get the closer to full blown Hermit status I get.
  16. Dave57

    Dave57 Well-Known Member

    Amen brother. I am already there.
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  17. Man that's a wide, wide brush there. We've been here almost 3 years and really like it.
    Heaven, no way, but where is that?

    Still, yeah, some folks are on a hair trigger, and some folks cannot resist mouthing off to others, as shown in that video.
    I've dodged a bottle or two, but never been hit. I don't think that was a solid hit.

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  18. John Stiles

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    I took a beer mug to the back of my head once and never hit the floor, when I turned around I saw two of my guys beating the crap outta him...he still had the handle in his hand. I quit going to that bar, seems they didn't much care for military people in their precious strip club.
  19. Arky73

    Arky73 Well-Known Member

    Whole family is from there. Grew up there, left years ago, as did everyone in my family besides my dad. He is too old and not motivated to move. Had boat motor stolen, Trailer stolen trucks and cars stolen. House broke into, my mother was beat up In a grocery store parking lot and Her purse stolen. I know Little Rock very well, never would live there again. I would rather pitch a tent and live in the woods with the skeeters and cotton mouths.
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