Ok I need some help here picking a gun.

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by ArkArcher, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. ArkArcher

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    I have it down to two choices but can't make up my mind between the two. First off, which would provide more stopping power with comparable ammo between a .45acp (3.25" barrel) and a .357 mag (out of a 2" snub)????

    I have it narrowed down between these two guns. This will be my primary carry gun and I want to pack some punch in case a large, drugged up guy comes at me and he's wearing a big coat (thinking of the worst scenario :biggrin:) I currently carry a 9mm, but want something with more punch and something I feel really confident with.

    2 options:


    I already have my pros and cons with each of them. Here they are...
    Cons on the .357:
    -I will lose some energy and velocity since a lot of the powder will burn outside the barrel on the snub
    -It will have quite a bit of recoil
    -It only holds 5 shots.

    Pros on the .357:
    -Revolver reliability.
    -Smaller size so will fit in pocket.

    Cons of the .45:
    -larger gun size so would require an IWB holster (although I have heard they can be carried in a pocket)
    -In general, semi autos aren't seen as reliable as a revolver (although that is not the case with all autos)

    Pros of the .45:
    -Can hold 11 rounds without a reload.
    -.45 is a larger weight bullet than a .357
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  2. alexanderg23

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    I would not want that 1st one 45acp out of a small Taurus NO THANKS, Taurus auto I wouldn't do either

    you might want to look at the Glock 27 40 S&W w/ 9+1, if price is the issue just hold out a little long for a much better gun. If its going to be a carry gun you want the most reliable.

  3. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    I know a lot of people that own this gun and have heard nothing but good things about them.(and I've done a ton of research on both, they are both really good guns) I'm down to these two guns but thanks for the help.
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    RAZOR_DEER Well-Known Member

    I would go .45 all the way even though I love the .357.

    My choice would be between the two.

    Taurus Millenium Pro PT145 and Glock 36. It would simply be a matter of my current financial state. I loved my PT145 (smoothest trigger I have ever felt) but you cant go wrong with Glock.
  5. alexanderg23

    alexanderg23 Well-Known Member


    the difference between a 357 in a 2" barrel and a 9mm +P in 3.5-4" is not much.
    9mm +p Double Tap ammo
    Ballistics : 124gr @ 1310fps / 473ft. lbs. from a G17.
    124 @ 1295fps / 462 ft. lbs. from a G19 4"

    2" 357

    125jhp 1250+
    158jhp 1100+

    Again these are from a gun rag using a 2"bbl Taurus

    Winchester USA Ammunition 357 Magnum 110 Grain Jacketed Hollow
    •Muzzle Velocity: 1295 fps
    •Muzzle Energy: 410 ft. lbs.

    So if it really is down to your 2 choices I would def. go with the 1st the 45 w/ 11 rds
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  6. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    Good info! Thanks!! :up:
  7. tdf

    tdf Well-Known Member

    I dont think you could go wrong with either one.
    I have not shot either gun so I cant speak of the guns in particular but if it were me I would go with the .45. I would want as many rounds as possible, I am not a very good shot. but that is just what I would choose. Do you really want a gun in your pocket, if so, the revolver would be the choice. if you dont mind an IWB gun that I would go with the .45.
    I think your determining factor is going to be how you want to carry it, or it would be for me, and if you dont mind either way, then I would go with round count.
  8. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    You hit the nail on the head my friend. :up: That is the thing I am battling with more than anything. A friend of mine has this same .45 and also has an IWB holster for it and he said he doesn't even know it's there. I'm going to try and meet up with him this weekend and get a feel for it and see what I think with the IWB.
  9. alexanderg23

    alexanderg23 Well-Known Member

  10. tdf

    tdf Well-Known Member

    sounds like after your buddy lets you tote his around for a little bit you might have a better idea and hopefully that will push you one way or another. I wish I had a small revolver like that, I would do the same and offer it to you for a bit and you could compare the two. Good luck, either way you are getting a new toy and thats always a good day.
  11. jwalker

    jwalker Well-Known Member

    How much u want to spend ?? I carry a full size 1911 Taurus pt1911AR daily loaded with Corbon DPX I shot a pumkin that was filled with water one time uh a animal or human has no chance in surviveing that cause it was completely distroyed smallest hole was entry it was 3" hole pumpkin was bout 12" big whole back was gone shot another with .357 out of a ruger blackhawk 7.5" barrel a little less damage but they wer flat nose bullets but still devastateing!! Both pumpkins at 10 yards got pumpkin all over me lol!!! I'd pick the Springfield XD compact .45 or if u want to spend more money Kimber pro carry !!
  12. Mule659

    Mule659 Well-Known Member

    My Father in Law just got that same .45 for Christmas from his wife...we're just not allowed to take it out and shoot it though until she officially gives it to him for the holiday :banghead:. She did take me in the back room and let me check it out though and it feels great. A lot of people, myself included, do have some issues with Taurus and I would definitely give the gun a 300 round minimum break in before I would trust it as an every day carry gun. I had a Tarus revolver I had to return before I ever even got to shoot it and another friend had his TCP break with just two magazines through it. Good thing is that they have a lifetime warranty. I have seen that if you get a good one it's a great gun. The .45 does feel really good in the hand. Depending on how my Father in Law's shoots this weekend I may be buying one shortly myself. It's a great size for concealed carry with an IWB holster...and I can always use a new carry gun :biggrin:
  13. jwalker

    jwalker Well-Known Member

    I've put bout that many maybe twice that many threw mine without cleanin or a malfunction at all except for a faulty magazine it don't like cheap magazines I use Wilson Combat mags from know on they are the ticket. Since then I've fired bout a mag or two of ammo and cleaned it !! No problems . O I added a Hogue grip to it that changed what felt awesome to a completely comforatable easy gripping less hand shock I love it!!
  14. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    For those of you that have the PT145 (millennium Pro) how is the size? I've handled one, but have handled quite a few guns since then, but can't remember the size of it other than it felt really good. :up:
  15. green_head_getter

    green_head_getter Super Member<br>2010 Bowhunting Contest Winner

    I wouldn't want to get shot with a .22. Everyones worried about stopping power. I don't know about y'all but if I get shot with a freaking red rider I'm gonna high tail it the other way
  16. .375H&H

    .375H&H Well-Known Member

    .45 all the way. I was surprised to learn it is now the home protection weapon of choice beating out a pump shotgun.
  17. snydedawg

    snydedawg Well-Known Member

    Dude... you can debate the merits of the .357 vs .45 til the cows come home and still not prove/disprove any arguememts for them!!!

    They are both highly effective calibers.... as long as you make effective hits!!!! Therein lies the rub!!!!! What can you actually make hits with????

    It doesn't really matter what caliber you shoot if you don't make hits!!!! Or what brand or model the bullet came from!!!! That is all irrellevant.... you have to be able to actually SHOOT what you carry!! So narrow the choice down to what you can shoot!!
  18. jwalker

    jwalker Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]this is my next pistol 30rd cap 22mag wow

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member


    I carry the PT145Mil Pro and love it...hand it for about 5 years now and no problems at all....like snydedawg said, it all boils down to what YOU can handle..........
  20. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    I'm a pretty good pistol shot...so what if you can shoot both equally well? ha :head: :biggrin: