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Got back from SW OK.
Had a blast until thuis morning. Rain and storms. We ended up getting 4, I missed one leaving town as did the fellow with me. Shots varied from 7 to 45 yds.
This area has tons of birds. I was impressed to say the least! I will go back. The birds were pretty henned up which made things tough but it was fun!

I got a 26#, 10" beard with 1.25" sharp curved spurs as well as a 23# bird with 1 1/8 sharp curverd spurs with a 9 " beard. The other 2 birds my friend shot were both heavy 22 & 23#, 7/8 & 1" spurs and 9.5 and 8 .75" beards.

We saw some beautiful country, again lots of birds and tons of roost gobbbling and a 3 bird limit if you hunt 2 counties. SW OK is a great place to turkey hunt. 3
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