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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by tracytqrc, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. tracytqrc

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    I would like to begin by saying that, it's been nice getting to know ya'll and I like most of you more then you deserve. But quickly approaching is the day of truth. 5:11 am is the our deadline, 8hours 30 minutes and counting.
  2. wallhanger1

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    Where did the 511 come from

  3. So, what time should I put on coffee?
  4. chuckwagon

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    I wanted to see what the NRA was going to say.
  5. Isn't it like 2:30pm tomorrow in Australia? Guess they shoulda predicted different time zones
  6. bmccullough1

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    Mine will be done at 5:30 just like every other day.
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  9. flydown

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    We must not be. I can still hear my wife talking.
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  11. flydown

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    Okay, my wife saw my comment so it has been nice knowing all of you. December 21, 2012 may very well be the end for me. The time will not be 5:11 though. It will be closer to 6:00.

    Remember there will be another 5:11 today.
  12. Arkiehunter74

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    Been barricaded up since midnight,,, coffee...check,..... arsenal locked and loaded... check, .......motion detecting booby traps.... check, zombies.... not a one. Sort of anti-climatic right now :shrug: Someone let me know when it is safe to come out of "the spider hole".
  13. You may have died and gone to heck..:eek:
  14. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    I'm wondering if someone didn't read the calendar upside down. Maybe it's supposed to be in 5105 instead of 2012. :shrug:
  15. 7 point

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    I'm really regretting buying that side by side now
  16. AR Thumper

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    Does this mean we have to pay for all that stuff we bought on credit now?????:eek:
  17. This does it. I'm throwing away my Mayan calendar, even though I liked the monthly pin-up medicine man's nurse wearing a few feathers.
  18. Its bad down in Australia I hear, really really bad:

    Australia 21DEC12.jpg